Elise is one of my favorite characters, so obviously, I had to have Midnight Star. Tbh It’s been a while since I was THAT excited about an FR doll..she’s a real stunner!

Midnight Star is a convention souvenir doll, since there is no certificate included inside the box, her edition size is a bit of a mystery. (The email all wclub members received didn’t state the edition size either..)

Her outfit was inspired by a runway look from Jason Wu 2013 spring/summer collection:

I love the 1/6 scale version too. I think it looks more striking in person than in photos.. The straps do look kinda sloppy though, but the rest of the dress is really lovely. The tulle is not as stiff as it sometimes can be, so it’s pretty flowy and it even rains glitter..

Her skintone is actually japan, looks like she’s the first Elise to use this skintone since the debut Blue Blood. Her head vinyl is, luckily, not translucent, but still it’s rather poor color match for the body.. or vice versa? The arms look tad dark next to the torso part too.
Here is a pic taken with a cellphone in regular tungsten light:

The hair on my doll is rather messy..quite alot of stray hairs, visible rubberband and not loving the overwhelming amount of stitches holding the wave in place either..so I’m seriously considering taking her hair down but I want to see how long it really is first..

I didn’t put on the jewelry she came with.. mainly because I didn’t feel like anything was missing anyways, and I didn’t love the pieces all that much tbh.. the earrings when inserted resemble Frankie Stein’s neck bolts and I’m bored to death of bangle-style bracelets already.. I think what would’ve worked for this look would be some massive futuristic looking wrist cuff.. oh and I totally love the neverbeforeseen indigo blue nailpolish.. glad it wasn’t the too obvious red.

Engaging vs. Midnight Star

It’s impossible not to notice her resemblance to 2011 Engaging Elise. These two dolls use very similar color palette, but very different screening.

I personally prefer Midnight Star.. as I never was too much of a fan of downwards pointed eyeliner, Midnight has larger eyes and more prominent silvery accents near her inner eye corners. I think I like Engaging eyebrows better though, along with her skintone and the fact that her head actually matches the body…..
Midnight Elise’s hair color is original brunette, so one shade lighter than black, and Engaging hair is 100% raven.
Both are stunning, but I think they’re too similar to keep both in one collection.. just imho.


The ‘old’ vs ‘new’ FR2 body comparison

I thought I’d do a separate post on this one, but honestly, it seemed pointless, as there are barely any differences between the two ‘generations’ of bodies.

The Wclub email we got earlier this year referred to it as ‘newly refined’ and ‘renovated’ version of the FR2 body. But all the innovations that were actually introduced were:

1. Redesigned knee joints:

2. New FR2 bodies use standard Fashion Royalty hand sculpt.

That’s it. I inspected both bodies closely and couldn’t spot any more differences. I just have a feeling that older bodies were manufactured with greater attention. Say, the seam lines are more neatly treated on the older body, but they generally feel similar.


The packaging:

Elise came in new smaller size box, the dimensions are close to Poppy Parker boxes. I understand these are Integrity ‘special occasion’ boxes, modest but quite elegant. Collectors are generally happy with them, as they are cheaper to transport comparing to the standard 1kg/2lb FR boxes.. But again the absence of COA is upsetting.

Few more shots:


Glimpses of Elise:

yep it kinda failed.. it looks like I was drunk when filming it lol

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Surprisingly, this Dania looks even better in person comparing to her promo shots. A little different, too. In person she seems rather fierce looking. Probably it’s her pale japan skintone combined with red lipstick and dark eyeshadow that creates the whole ‘vamp’ effect. Wide-spread cateye eyeliner/shadow works really well for this mold too, so I’d say she looks pretty refreshing, not like any other Dania we’ve seen so far. I’m not sure about the shade of blond that’s been chosen for her, as it’s a bit too yellow especially next to her pale skintone. I’ve seen Danias on Flickr with hairs better than mine..On my doll, some of it is straight, some of it is curly, a slightly inconsistent mess you can’t really see from the angle pictured:p But still, I think she’s quite stunning, especially as for Dania (which is not my fav sculpt tbh).

Now when it comes to the outfit.. what’s the nice way to put it… it’s dreadful.

The cape and purse are probably the only nicer items from the bunch.. The dress is made of this unpleasant stiff fabric, it’s bulging around the chest area, you can see it pretty well in the pictures.. At first I was very excited about the shoes, as I was happy to see something that wasn’t sandals for a change and these also came with chrome heels, but my excitement vanished as soon as I took those out of the package. These shoes are not very nicely done. Mine are even shaped differently (one shoe is ‘flatter’ than the other). The purse is actually the only item from the set that isn’t flawed in any way. And the cape/stole has interesting mixing and matching possibilities. The brooch does come out and you can use it on anything else you want, it’s not a part of the closure on the cape.

Even though retro look is her ‘thing’ and a part of the concept, I feel like every doll from recent collections might as well been called ‘Nostalgia’ ..getting tired of this style already..

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Ficon Leonie

Leonie is my first and only Ficon doll. Before she was released, I was considering getting a Ficon, but I was afraid I wouldn’t like certain things about them in person. Still, I decided to take a risk with Leonie, as I just loved her edgy look too much.. I got this girl shortly after she was announced, so I haven’t seen too many pictures of her before buying, just the promos by AlexForbes

So when I got my doll I was a bit disappointed with a slightly different eyebrows shape she had comparing to the prototype.. The prototype has more straight and thick eyebrows and the production dolls have lighter and more rounded/’surprised’ eyebrows, so that one was a bit of a let down..

I loove her makeup! It’s not that often that you get to see dramatic black smokey eye on a doll. The eyeshadow is not airbrushed, but it’s executed nicely and I also love the way her lips are done.
She comes with short platinum blond wig.. It’s a well-styled wig with a great fit.. but taking into consideration that it’s also a signature hairstyle of the most obnoxious Hollywood celebrity right now, I guess now it’s safe to say that it was a horrible hairstyle choice for Leonie..:p

I think she looks best in black.. but other colors look great on her too.
So here she is in Sybarite Godiva wig:

A small problem with wigs is that Ficon head is alot smaller in comparison to other 16” dolls.. (I was afraid it would bother me, but it doesn’t.. maybe because it’s actually closer to human proportion). But because of that, there’s a hassle of finding a right wig for this girl, everything is way too big and simply slips off her head.. smaller AG wigs might fit OK, but probably best possible solution are custom hard cap wigs.. that she wouldn’t be able to share with other non-ficon dolls…

Her skintone is very pleasant looking, pale and fresh. Her body is made of resin, but it feels closer to plastic rather than porcelain, and I do happen to like that, as she is rather lightweight and doesn’t feel too fragile which makes her more approachable and fun to play with.

I’m not a big Ficon expert, but from what I know, her body is of older generation, as last year Ficon introduced a new body along with Icarusia doll.
So the articulation range on Leonie’s body is pretty standard, although if you take into account the fact that her arms/legs are doublejointed, it probably could be wider.. so no, she can’t cup her boobs and she can’t sit on her ankles.
No waist joint, which means she’s got a nice belly sculpt and uninterrupted hip curves..
The chest joint has a pretty good range, (I actually almost missed that, at first I got the impression that it barely moves and wasn’t happy with that at all, but then I discovered that if you push harder, it does bend pretty far into any direction)

The face sculpt is something I would tweak though.. it has a nice jaw outline, beautiful lips.. but the eye area just seems slightly off.. with the way the eyes are positioned, it creates a bit of a fishface look, there’s just something unrealistic there..
and guess the nose could be a bit narrower too..

So, the outfit:

Not too crazy about the jacket.. I just don’t really see any self respecting biker wearing it.. it looks more like a race car driver jacket to me.
So I got her a much more decent biker jacket also by Ficon, it completes her look so much better:

The sleeveless top looks white in photos, but in person it looks almost grey and very grunged up, almost dirty. I see what was the idea here, but probably not the best look for a doll outfit..
and I love all the ficon jeans.. seems like they’re the only ones who can get them right..

She also comes with a cool helmet covered with crystals.. too bad she can’t actually wear it.. not wigged or bald, the shape is completely different..but it’s a nice touch either way..

The boots look tad oversized.. Ficon feet aren’t articulated and they’re sculpted for high heeled shoes, so guess flats won’t always look right on them.


Few more closeups:

A few more shots from the archives. Here is my Dark Swan Elise:

Elise was one of the debut FR2 dolls introduced at Dark Romance 2010 Convention. She was a table centerpiece limited to just 190 pieces.
Also she was advertised, I’m assuming mistakenly, as ‘Elyse’, as she came back to being ‘Elise’ ever since.

I regret not getting her NRFB when I had a chance, it’s just I didn’t love her so much when she came out.. also the pink head issue didn’t make her very tempting either. I just broke down when I saw lots of amazing photos of her on Flickr..
The pink head issue is there, unfortunately, but maybe because of her hair/makeup coloring, it’s not as in your face as it was with Flawless Elise..
I don’t have her original outfit, so she’s wearing Barbie Versace gown that doesn’t fit her too well.. it sits too low on her.. because of that, the rest of the pics didn’t come out right:p



This is probably old news, but I still wanted to post this..
So.. did you know that Elise Jolie doll has a real-live doppelganger?
Here is a picture of Dutch model Iekeliene Stange..the resemblance is just too much to be a coincidence, so I’m pretty sure that somehow, her face was an inspiration for the sculpt..and they did a terrific job as they look *exactly* alike:

Luxe Life Vanessa was a 2009 Iconic convention collection doll.  I got her not too long ago and she came already rerooted. A part of me wishes I’d wait for one with original hairdo, as there is something ‘iconic’ about that look, even though I still love my Vanessa’s long locks. She is wearing Tricks of the Trade Eugenia dress, DG vest, FR2 convention accessory pack earrings and London Mist Imogen boots (yep, she can stand on her own in these).

Quick Updates:

  • Today I was looking for some rl pictures of Etiquette, but instead I found this very awesome artwork based on one of my pictures of Domina:
    By Slavenart on Deviantart
    Gorgeous! although a credit of some sort would've been nice... Here is the pic it was based on:
  • wow this must be the record... today i got an ebay order shipped from asia that was placed on 14th of January... and only 2.5 months later my nailart brushes are here! well i ordered these because they're so tiny and they're kinda perfect for dolly touchups, but who knows i might even try that nailart thing lol and i got them all for under $3!

    so still not all that bad.. so if you're still waiting for that one belated package.. don't ever lose hope:p
  • AngelicDreamz is closing down?? no way:( thats one dealer I thought would never go out of business.. but their sister site CoutureDolls is still up so it prob won't change much for IT collectors.. ×0
  • I knew I wouldn't win Vanessa, but congratz to all those who did! ×0

  • Sybarite Etiquette, a Paris Convention doll?.. was posted on Superdoll facebook today..
    ..oh she's already on ebay.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/SYBARITE-SUPERDOL...
  • ITBE Wave 2
    So 2014 Wave 2 of ITBE is almost here and will be ready to ship after March 27th.. like the last time, they are available through the lottery(Wclub only, no public lottery this time) and limited to 300 each.. This time they came up with AA Vanessa (v1), tan Kyori(v1) and Janay (Color Infusion Character) and ash platinum blond Caucasian Monogram. My favorite is probably Vanessa, although I still have a hard time visualizing her with dark skintone, I'm glad to see the old Kyori back, but her skintone is just too orangey for me, so definitely pass.. have to admit the monogram looks tempting, but maybe it's because the two that came before her were rather underwhelming.. why didnt they make Kyori with that coloring instead???

    1. Second Skin Vanessa

    Item # 15023
    Second Skin
    Basic Edition Dressed Doll
    IT Direct Exclusive
    Limited Edition of 300 Dolls
    Suggested Retail Price: $75.00 USD
    Estimated Ship Date: Once "right to buy" lottery ends (in-stock March 2014)

    Doll Tech Specs:
    Body Type: Old FR Body with Larger Bust
    Head Sculpt: Vanessa 1.0
    Quick Switch Feature: No
    Skin Tone: A-Tone
    Hair Color: Deep Brunette
    Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-Applied
    Package Dimensions: 13.5" X 4" X 2.25"

    2. Morning Dove Kyori

    Item # 15025
    Morning Dove
    Basic Edition Dressed Doll
    IT Direct Exclusive
    Limited Edition of 300 Dolls
    Suggested Retail Price: $75.00 USD
    Estimated Ship Date: Once "right to buy" lottery ends (in-stock March 2014)

    Doll Tech Specs:
    Body Type: Old FR Body with Larger Bust
    Head Sculpt: Kyori 1.0
    Quick Switch Feature: No
    Skin Tone: FR Black
    Hair Color: Raven
    Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-Applied
    Package Dimensions: 13.5" X 4" X 2.25"

    3. Red Strike Janay

    Item # 15026
    Red Strike
    Basic Edition Dressed Doll
    IT Direct Exclusive
    Limited Edition of 300 Dolls
    Suggested Retail Price: $75.00 USD
    Estimated Ship Date: Once "right to buy" lottery ends (in-stock March 2014)

    Doll Tech Specs:
    Body Type: FR Monogram
    Head Sculpt: Janay
    Quick Switch Feature: No
    Skin Tone: Miami
    Hair Color: Shimmering Blond
    Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-Applied
    Package Dimensions: 13.5" X 4" X 2.25"

    4. Night Strike Monogram

    Item # 15027
    Night Strike
    Basic Edition Dressed Doll
    IT Direct Exclusive
    Limited Edition of 300 Dolls
    Suggested Retail Price: $75.00 USD
    Estimated Ship Date: Once "right to buy" lottery ends (in-stock March 2014)

    Doll Tech Specs:
    Body Type: FR Monogram
    Head Sculpt: FR Monogram
    Quick Switch Feature: No
    Skin Tone: FR White
    Hair Color: Silver
    Eyelashes: Yes
    Package Dimensions: 13.5" X 4" X 2.25"
  • Currently working on...

    Montaigne Elise post:)

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    lmao I was kidding! when she was first announced it became very clear that she'll be extremely hard to get, so i said she was hideous...
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    I think if she's been reboxed, it would've been way too obvious, so the clip prob slipped while she was being transported, I had similar things...
  • popsyturvee on Montaigne Market Elise

    I actually have an issue with the hair clip as well. When I opened the box, it wasn't on the doll! It was out flying somewhere...

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