Officially titled as ‘W Cosmetics Hair Care’ Elise was a Premiere convention hair workshop doll limited to 300 pieces. Being a workshop doll, she came nude in a ‘budget’ black box with a narrow plastic window, similar to Hard Metal Lillith’s box I featured earlier.

She looks very different from every other Elise out there. She is the first and so far the only Elise with a Caucasian skintone. She also has new style makeup screening, same one as Midnight Star Elise has, just in very different colors.

She has unusually thick wavy hair, seems like no product or gel was used to style it, so it’s slightly unruly but it gets a bit better with time..

Actually since she’s so dramatic I wouldn’t mind if they released her with her traditional pale ‘cream’ skintone, I’d love a softer caucasian Elise along the lines of ‘Metal Maven’ Vanessa, but I’m completely happy with this one either way:)

She is wearing: 12″ AG MiniClone Aphrodisiac jacket, Color Infusion style lab lace dress, Urban Outfitting Nadja bra, FR2 convention accessory set shoes.

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Purity Dasha was one of the Wclub exclusives offered last year. Her certificate says her edition is 875. She is the very last doll to be produced in FR2 line.

Like I must’ve said a few times before, I seem to have a love-hate relationship with this sculpt, but this is probably the least tranny looking Dasha I’ve had:) Love her eye makeup, pretty simplistic, but done right. I’m just not too crazy about her eyebrows, those could’ve been softer. Her skintone is FR2 Porcelain, but her face is not as translucent as some of the older FR2 dolls with the same skintone, which is a big win, hope that waxy vinyl type gets discontinued altogether.

I just have to admit I don’t love the way she was stylized. It’s a really big shame that she, just like the overwhelming majority of other FR2 dolls had to have a boring updo.

Her hair is very short when taken down and even if you’re ok with the length, she still needs a center part. Since her haircolor is a mix of brown and auburn, it would be really hard to match the color properly, so the best option would be to reroot it completely.. My dream vision = razorcut, waist length, brown shade as close to original as possible, parted in the middle. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll see her on ebay or show and sell site:) Can’t afford to do it myself..

She’s wearing this strange-ish hooded dress, I don’t like how the collar makes her neck ‘disappear’ and below the waist part is pretty bland, won’t even mention the ‘classic’ FR FrayingBelt™. Her shoes and accessories are cute but nothing to write home about.. So yep, beautiful face, but she needs some work done to really shine.

Hard Metal Lillith is a part of ITBE (Integrity Toys Basic Edition) Line. She’s not officially named as Lillith, so technically it might as well be Eden, but everyone still refers to her as Lillith because of her raven hair.

Lillith is the first twin to be produced with a caucasian skintone, which makes her extra special.. Initially I was rather shocked by the prices she was going for on the secondary market, especially taking into consideration her retail price which is only $60, but then, when her edition size was finally revealed, it pretty much explained the craze.. She is limited to only 300 which is same edition size as this year’s convention centerpieces, which means that not all convention goers were able to purchase this doll.

She uses dynamite girls body which very close to nuface, but it’s made of inferior quality vinyl and it does feel very lightweight and generally not as smooth as regular nuface bodies..
She comes in a simple belted dress made of metallic-looking fabric:

The shoes are actually not as bad, (I expected the worst tbh), but they are neatly made, so nice surprise there. No jewelry or other accessories included, just a stand.

Shot of her NRFB:

Lillith uses the very same screening as last year’s NuFantasy Gretel. Here is a side by side comparison:

Gretel appears to have thicker eyeliner, but it could just seem like it because of her thicker lashes. And unfortunately both share the same flaw which is slight wokny eye..but they’re still beautiful either way..
Even though I love dolls with pale lips, I have a feeling like they’ve been overused on twins lately..I’d love to see this sculpt with more dramatic lips.. it’s a been a looong time since Elements of Surprise:)

This is probably my last Kesenia, I’ve been trying to warm up to this character, but I guess it’s not meant to be. I discussed my issues with Kesenia sculpt earlier, so I won’t be repeating myself again this time… Your Kind of Model is probably the prettiest Kesenia so far, and for the first time she uses japan skintone instead of porcelain.

A big reason why I preordered this gal was her outfit. I’m sensing since she’s one of the less popular characters, designers dressed her a bit more generously comparing to say, Dania from the same collection. Her look consists of a black fur jacket, 2 dresses layered on top of each other, jewelry set, a purse and shoes.

Really love the jacket, of course it prevents proper arms articulation, but that’s not unusual for doll jackets.

As for the top layer dress.. well lets just say it’s not up to par with the rest of the outfit quality-wise.. From a distance it looks great, but if you take a closer look you’ll notice all the frayed edges, poor construction, and the fabric which doesn’t have an expensive feel to it…

The dress she’s wearing underneath is much nicer.. it only needs a belt:

Shoes and accessories are pretty amazing, the purse does open and close, shoes are easy to put on and fit nicely and the jewelry set is lovely too if you don’t count those 2 bangle style bracelets that’s been overused in last couple of years. Love the bracelet covered with crystals though.

When Kesenia was first announced she was somewhat associated with Poesie Vanessa… tbh I don’t see it that much anymore.. except the blue sideglancing eyes and yellowish blond hair, they don’t share as much in common..

Agnes ready to display Kesenia’s outfit:)

Elise is one of my favorite characters, so obviously, I had to have Midnight Star. Tbh It’s been a while since I was THAT excited about an FR doll..she’s a real stunner!

Midnight Star is a convention souvenir doll, since there is no certificate included inside the box, her edition size is a bit of a mystery. (The email all wclub members received didn’t state the edition size either..)

Her outfit was inspired by a runway look from Jason Wu 2013 spring/summer collection:

I love the 1/6 scale version too. I think it looks more striking in person than in photos.. The straps do look kinda sloppy though, but the rest of the dress is really lovely. The tulle is not as stiff as it sometimes can be, so it’s pretty flowy and it even rains glitter..

Her skintone is actually japan, looks like she’s the first Elise to use this skintone since the debut Blue Blood. Her head vinyl is, luckily, not translucent, but still it’s rather poor color match for the body.. or vice versa? The arms look tad dark next to the torso part too.
Here is a pic taken with a cellphone in regular tungsten light:

The hair on my doll is rather messy..quite alot of stray hairs, visible rubberband and not loving the overwhelming amount of stitches holding the wave in place I’m seriously considering taking her hair down but I want to see how long it really is first..

I didn’t put on the jewelry she came with.. mainly because I didn’t feel like anything was missing anyways, and I didn’t love the pieces all that much tbh.. the earrings when inserted resemble Frankie Stein’s neck bolts and I’m bored to death of bangle-style bracelets already.. I think what would’ve worked for this look would be some massive futuristic looking wrist cuff.. oh and I totally love the neverbeforeseen indigo blue nailpolish.. glad it wasn’t the too obvious red.

Engaging vs. Midnight Star

It’s impossible not to notice her resemblance to 2011 Engaging Elise. These two dolls use very similar color palette, but very different screening.

I personally prefer Midnight Star.. as I never was too much of a fan of downwards pointed eyeliner, Midnight has larger eyes and more prominent silvery accents near her inner eye corners. I think I like Engaging eyebrows better though, along with her skintone and the fact that her head actually matches the body…..
Midnight Elise’s hair color is original brunette, so one shade lighter than black, and Engaging hair is 100% raven.
Both are stunning, but I think they’re too similar to keep both in one collection.. just imho.


The ‘old’ vs ‘new’ FR2 body comparison

I thought I’d do a separate post on this one, but honestly, it seemed pointless, as there are barely any differences between the two ‘generations’ of bodies.

The Wclub email we got earlier this year referred to it as ‘newly refined’ and ‘renovated’ version of the FR2 body. But all the innovations that were actually introduced were:

1. Redesigned knee joints:

2. New FR2 bodies use standard Fashion Royalty hand sculpt.

That’s it. I inspected both bodies closely and couldn’t spot any more differences. I just have a feeling that older bodies were manufactured with greater attention. Say, the seam lines are more neatly treated on the older body, but they generally feel similar.


The packaging:

Elise came in new smaller size box, the dimensions are close to Poppy Parker boxes. I understand these are Integrity ‘special occasion’ boxes, modest but quite elegant. Collectors are generally happy with them, as they are cheaper to transport comparing to the standard 1kg/2lb FR boxes.. But again the absence of COA is upsetting.

Few more shots:


Glimpses of Elise:

yep it kinda failed.. it looks like I was drunk when filming it lol

Which Elise is your favorite?

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Quick Updates:

  • 140 days or 4 months, 18 days until 2014 IT Convention!

    Hope the collection lives up to its title:)

    "The lights go down; the warm breeze hits you. You can feel the beat of the music taking control as it moves you to another place. You are surrounded by photography, glamour, fashion, glitter and beauty. You just need to add a bit of... GLOSS."
  • I understand some collectors like to buy multiples, but seriously 7 Ready Steady Poppys(LE100)? and 6 Fine Jewel Eugenias (LE160)? Yep, I still can't get over that mysterious seller, keeps me wondering each time they put some grails up on ebay.. ×1
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  • oh my.. what a lucky seller
  • Edition sizes of some of the Wclub dolls update:
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    Item # 76017 La Grande Seduction Victoire Roux W Club Exclusive
    Edition Size: 465 Dolls
  • Pages with all the photos of the dolls which were revealed last Saturday:
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    2014 Poppy Parker Girl from I.N.T.E.G.R.I.T.Y Collection

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