I got two of my preorders, High Visibility Agnes and City Prowl Eugenia today.. and what can I say, they are just awful.. Agnes is all wonky and Eugenia also has a very obvious flaw and a moldy corset.. One good thing is that they at least don’t smell with basement or anything like that, as was reported by some collectors. And Agnes is completely mold free as far as I can tell.
So here is Agnes:

Guess this picture speaks a thousand words. Seems like Integrity is using new type of lashes on the FR dolls. These lashes have this glossy shine (I prefer the matte finish of old lashes) and there is a difference when it comes to the fiber type.. The old lashes were possible to reshape, you could raise or lower them, but the new ones always revert back to their original shape. The problem begins when one of the eyelashes is glued at the wrong angle. And both of my dolls come with one eyelash covering one eye and other lash is pointed in a different direction. And it’s not the only problem with Agnes.. one of her eyes is bigger and the other one is smaller/narrower and the lip paint is way, way off. Really disappointed.. Also her skintone is darker than typical Japan tone, it’s closer to  ‘japan 2.5′ which has a bit greyish tint. I don’t have the doll to compare anymore, but as I remember Flight Pattern Kyori came with a similar skintone, though Agnes has a different head vinyl quality..  One good thing I can point out though is that she doesn’t have the smooshed head syndrome, her head shape is just perfect.

As for the outfit, I’m just happy it’s not moldy and I don’t have to wash the whole bunch of delicate clothes. Some pieces are better than others, but I haven’t really played with everything yet because I’d rather wait until the replacement head arrives.. I’ve no idea when that might happen though because I might have to wait until Natalia and Elise arrive before contacting the patient care.

I like the rusted copper jewelry, but the sunglasses are just plain ugly

The shoes look promising in their packages..

That notorious ultra thick corset

The drawer barely fits in the box..but that’s the least of my concerns.

And here is Eugenia..

She has a strange dot of white paint on her right eye..and again, those unevenly glued lashes

Her skintone is Caucasian, but the body is more dark and yellow comparing to the head which is more or less true to the typical caucasian tone.

Eugenia’s corset was my most anticipated clothing piece from Safari collection. And it does look good on the outside.. but if you turn it over..


It seems like all of Eugenia’s budget went on her corset, hardly any fabric left for the skirt..

The accessories and shoes are nice.. not a big fan of tacky silver thread for laces though

I’m just too furious to play right now.. and having to wait till others arrive to send the heads back is also annoying, so I decided to vent here.. When/if I get the ones I’d be happy with, I might do a proper review then. Next time I’ll think a million times before preordering anything.

Costume Drama Giselle is probably the most rerooted FR doll ever. I should know, because this one has been rerooted 3 times..
To be honest, now I wish I never bothered with it, as overtime I actually started liking her cute short hairdo.
Not all of them came with a perfect haircut, mine had uneven hair length which really bothered me..

The reroot artist which would have done a perfect job on her wasn’t available for the commission at the time, so I went with a different person I never dealt with before.
What they did was a big disappointment.. The shade they used was two tones darker than what I requested, the reroot itself was messy and even my directions regarding the style were completely ignored. So this was the moment when I realized I had to learn how to reroot myself to save my poor Giselle..
So then I came up with this..

At first I was fairly happy with it, but overtime I realized that it was just terrible (it was my first attempt afterall, would be strange if it was otherwise) and that I still used a wrong color, as the platinum I had was just a little darker than her original (it makes no difference in pictures but it was noticeable in person).

That’s when her original look started growing on me, so I bought another Costume Drama Giselle..
Even though her hair looked great, my first one still had a prettier face, even with her semi ruined lashes.

So I decided to reroot her again, this time in Snowwhite platinum. I didn’t even have a distinct look in mind, tbh I just wanted to fix her..
I parted her hair in the middle without too much consideration, mostly because the holes were already there :p just then I realized how big her forehead really is, so the centerpart is probably not the best look for her, but it was too late either way.. I also gave her a razor cut and I guess layers helped somehow, so now I don’t hate it as much.. and at least the color is just perfect for her now.
Even though I have no way to compare it, I’m pretty sure it’s the shade she originally had. I noticed that my second Giselle actually comes with warmer platinum blond. Guess sometimes Integrity does this.. there are 2 versions of Baby It’s You Poppy as well, some come with icy platinum, others with warmer shade.

So I guess this is where I’ll stop tweaking her, enough is enough:)

Power Game Natalia is a 2009 Iconic Convention doll (LE350), she was a part of a giftset which was given to all the attendees. I got her just wearing her lingerie which is my favorite look out of the three. It is rather unusual for this character to come in caucasian skintone. Natalia usually uses a range of tan skitones, so the ‘paleness’ of this incarnation makes her pretty unique.

Her hair is gorgeous! It was taken out of her original style, I like it much better this way:)

Even though it was my biggest childhood dream, I never had a doll house growing up. My parents just couldn’t afford it. The house I wanted was a pretty modest ‘Fold’n’Fun’ suitcase house. What I liked about it is that it came with the furniture, as opposed to ‘Pink’n’Pretty’ one that was almost completely empty (but of course it wasn’t advertised as such in catalogs).

Those were the only two options I know of that were sold in Barbie store where I lived.

Sometime after I started collecting Fashion Royalty, I actually found a nrfb Fold’n’Fun house on ebay. It cost me a fortune along with the shipping from US.. and when I finally got it, of course I was excited about the dream coming true, but to be honest, I wasn’t really that impressed with it… the whole structure was really flimsy and the foldup furniture was kinda ugly and afterall it’s just a studio home without a bathroom. It still probably would’ve made me happy as a kid, but now it just didn’t cut it.

Fastforward a few years, when I saw a showcase video for the 2013 Barbie Dreamhouse it actually made me very excited, its size is impressive and it comes fully furnished, has two elevators and lots of cute touches here and there like working doorbell and some lights and sounds, so I thought this would be my chance to finally have that perfect Barbie house experience.

So.. I got it :) And this one didn’t disappoint me.

It is gigantic! Especially when it’s fully extended. It has 6 decent sized (as for a doll house) rooms that cover all the basic life necessities, a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, living room and a walk in closet. And it comes with a good amount of furniture and accessories. So yep, life pretty much complete:)

Sure, there are hundreds of ways how this house could be improved on. It would be nice if rooms actually had finished white ceilings and I’d love to see a variety of different materials, such as metal or wood instead of all solid plastic.. and I cannot stand the fake stickers Mattel is always trying to pass as 3dimensional objects, so this is no way any close to collectible standard and all that. But since I am unable to build my own house or even a diorama, I’ll take it:)

So here is a house tour along with little insights into Barbie’s perfect life.. starring

The Great Pretender Lillith as ‘Barbie

All American Auden as ‘Ken‘, Barbie’s gay boyfriend

Take it Easy Cruz, as.. Cruz, Barbie’s secret lover

Rocking Ever After Lillith as ‘Teresa‘, Barbie’s BFF

Power Game Natalia as Barbie’s hot maid

Giselle, as herself.. just a girl who likes to keep her friends close and her enemies closer

The bedroom:

It’s probably my favorite room in the house.
Obviously, I would have preferred a double bed with a a real mattress and fancier bedding.. but I appreciate that the bed at least comes with fabric curtains and a soft pillow.

There’s also an option to hang the chandelier above the bed:

Barbie checking how many new Facebook fans she got today

The Kitchen:

Natalia making dinner for Barbie and Teresa

The kitchen comes with a dishwasher, oven with working light that only lasts for like 10 seconds, recycling bin, a fridge full of food items and a blender that makes ‘blending noises’..so it can be just as annoying as a full scale one. One thing that seems to be missing is washing machine, though Barbie does seem like a girl who wouldn’t wear the same outfit twice, so not sure if she really needs it.

Dining Room:

Barbie and Teresa just being classy bitches having dinner slash tea party. Alot of the ‘clutter’ in my house came from the Barbie Special collection sets. Posted about them here.

Barbie about to go upstairs in the elevator. Praying it wouldn’t get stuck between floors.. because it always does..

What I hated about the elevator is that it comes with this waist holder ring like some of the doll stands do, so it’s a little too low for FR waist, and I’m not sure if Mattel Ken could fit properly into it either. And there’s no way to remove that holder part because that’s where the wire is attached..

Barbie and Cruz having a moment on the terrace

Ken dropping by unannounced and surprising Barbie with roses..

..now Barbie is really regretting giving him a spare set of keys to her home..

Living Room:

Giselle strumming guitar that Barbie never plays anyways

The TV thing is rather lame. You can change the slides so you can ‘watch’ 3 tv stations, one being a game.. and that so easily could’ve been amazing if they just made an opening on the side of that tv set big enough for cell phone to slide in.. this could be a legit working tv set that way.

The closet:

The walk-in closet room seems a little dull at first, but once you start filling it with clothes and accessories, it actually gets much more fun to look at..

Ken enjoying an issue of Paris Soir from like, 7 years ago

Thought the toilet was a cute and almost unpredictable touch from Mattel.. First they sculpt panties on their dolls so that they could never get fully naked, and then they put a toilet in Barbie’s house..

It also makes a flushing noise, except mine doesn’t when I press the button.. the whole left wing of my house is a little weird with some things not aligning or working the way they should..

Haters gonna hate…

The bathroom:

The bathroom is a bit oddly located, as it’s technically right in the bedroom without any dividers separating the two rooms.. It would make more sense if they put the closet room next to the bedroom instead.

Bathroom comes with ‘extra’ features like a button which will play a tune while Barbie sings in the shower or a wall light which lights up while the cheesy music is playing.. What it’s missing is a stfu button.. because those get set off by accident alot.
Tbh I’d much prefer the house to have continuous working lights in every room rather than some of those sound features.

Barbie taking a shower, and in the meantime…

..Teresa is reading Barbie’s journal in her bedroom, because it’s what real friends do!

Barbie walking in on Ken researching her sizing so that he could buy her a perfect birthday gift. Or so he said.

House exterior from the back:

The notorious assembly instructions:

This house is getting alot of hate from parents because of how unclear they are.
Putting this together was really not that bad, ground and first floor actually come preassembled, so all you have to do is attach the pillars, set up the second floor and wire one of the elevators. There’s no wrong way to do it, because each part has a unique shape and won’t fit anywhere else except where it’s supposed to go.
I could even say I actually had fun building it, though the elevator part was confusing, but once you figure out where both ends of the wire go, it gets pretty obvious from there anyways.
Now the big question is whether it can be disassembled.. I haven’t tried it yet, but hope that with the help of hairdryer and alot of strength this could be accomplished..

I just wanted to share these cool sets I accidentally discovered on ebay.

Sometime in mid-late 90′s Mattel came up with the series of themed accessory sets. These 3 are the ones I got so far, but there are many more fashion, dining, baking etc sets out there. I’d say that the level of detail on these is beyond average, especially for pink box stuff. So these were just perfect for my Barbie Dream House:) Here are the pix of these still nrfb:

Pretty Treasures Dining set:

Special Collection bathroom/vanity set:

And my personal favorite, Special Collection Desk Set:

It comes with a little notebook with real pages, a very cool looking retro phone, a stamp pad, which is probably dried out by now so it’s no longer working, and a tiny doll sized stamp that you could still use with a different ink pad. And of course a quill pen with a small ink bottle. Classy.

Quick Updates:

  • barbie-moschino
    For only $7500 this Moschino Barbie could be yours
    Sheesh even official The Blonds OOAK Barbies were only 5K and this one is LE100
    Funny this is actually one Barbie I really wouldn't mind having, but only for 1/100th of that price:p
  • to be honest, I didn't Looove any of the registration dolls. Poppy is sweet, but too tan and colorful for me, don't care for Ollie sculpt and his beard and his 80s nostalgia look, and as for the Agnes, I don't like the screening with the overdefined eyelid creases. She doesn't even look like Agnes to me.. She reminds me of Lana Turner dolls from Hollywood Royalty line for some reason, perhaps because of the stiff expression.  but I still might join with her though lol I'm just torn between 2 base memberships and 1 base membership+Agnes. I really miss those times when upgrade dolls were offered at a lower cost comparing to their usual retail.. for example in 2011, membership with Kyori doll was $140 total, so technically it was just $90 for the doll, in 2012 membership with ready to dare natalia was $145, so not that bad too, and 2012 upgrade poppy+membership was $135 and now it's $170 :/   ×0
  • did not win christmas poppy...and i thought with bigger edition size and after not winning 2 last lotteries i'd have a pretty good chance. but no such luck. congrats to those who won and not have her listed on ebay right now ×0
  • luckily for my wallet, those two mysterious new dolls turned out to be Victoire's..
    À La Maison

    Départ Pour L'Orient

    i don't collect/cover the line, but you can go ahead and order them and/or see more pictures on IT dealers sites

    Girls_Generation_3_Misaki and Amelie
    These two FR: Nipon dolls will be available on Tuesday December 9th, 2014 (Tokyo time) from http://frnippon.com
    They are limited to 300 each and retail for JP/17,000 / approx. $140
    On Monday December 8th at Noon Eastern Time IT Direct is going to put some of its current stock on sale
    Also we got a shipping update of the following dolls:
    Edge Vanessa will be shipped on 'Week of December 15th, 2014'
    Mademoiselle Jolie on 'Week of January 5th, 2015'
  • Rare Appearance Dania Zarr
    the final 2014 Wclub doll was announced:

    Item # 91353
    Rare Appearance
    Dania Zarr Dressed Doll
    Official 2014 W Club Exclusive
    Limited Edition Size: TBA
    Special W Club Suggested Retail Price: $130.00
    Estimated Shipping Date: Approximately Spring 2015

    Doll Tech Specs:
    Scale: 12.5-inch / 1:6 Scale
    Head Sculpt: Dania Zarr
    Body Sculpt: FR2 2013
    Skin Tone: Japan
    Hair: Deep Brunette
    Quick Switch Feature: No
    Eyelashes: Yes, hand-applied





    My very first instinct was to place a preorder for her.. but..the more i thought about it, the less certain i was..
    1. first of all, it is Dania. for me, it's not the character that sticks around.
    2. her dress is hideous. actually this might have been the dealbreaker for me, because i do like pale blue eyed dolls with dark hair type.. but that cheap looking dress is more suitable for ITBE line, not a $130 exclusive
    3. she looks alot like Purity Dasha. Not a bad thing, just repetition is pretty boring. Both were club dolls, both had 'original brunette' hair color, both have japan skintone and blue eyes and wear a white sheath dress.
    4. the catchlight in her right eye seems to be missing
    5. possibility that quality issues might not be resolved in 2015
    so all that said...i think i probably should pass.
  • also the new license was announced..
    "The Integrity Toys team is proud to announce a license to create a line of high-end fashion dolls based on the iconic looks and characters of AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN!"
    The first dolls will be unveiled next spring.. and here is the promo ad.. i wonder if the dolls will be more disturbing than what we're used to horrorstory

    I only watched one episode and was rather unimpressed by the show, but if this was the line which would be replacing Jem, I think I'd be at least a bit excited.. but unfortunately, Jem line was extended into 2015:( I don't have that much against Jem per se, just knowing that the more dolls IT produces in a year, the more quality of most their products seems to suffer, I'm obviously not too happy about another year of Jem.

    but speaking of Jem, they made an announcement about Techrat: "on the final production version his hair line will start slightly further from the center and he does in fact have high top shoes."
  • That Holiday Feeling Poppy Parker
    A bit overdue, but.. below is repost about Christmas Poppy which is available via lottery in wclub..because nothing puts you in a holiday spirit like missing out on the newest hot doll of the moment.
    Although, we'll have to wait and see about that one. The prototype clearly has very messed up eyeliner.. I wonder if all of them will come like that.

    Item # PP071
    That Holiday Feeling
    Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll
    IT Direct Exclusive
    Limited Edition of 800 Dolls
    Special W Club Suggested Retail Price: $120.00

    Doll Tech Specs:
    Scale: 12-inch / 1:6 Scale
    Head Sculpt: Poppy Parker
    Body Sculpt: Poppy Parker
    Skin Tone: FR White
    Hair: Black
    Quick Switch Feature: No
    Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied








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