Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my readers <3 Here are some festive photos of Most Desired Eugenia wearing Power Couple Erin gown:

NuFace vs Fr2 NuFace vs FR2

Here is the comparison of the old and new nuface bodies alongside the fr2 body (the one I used in the pictures is the first generation FR2 body, which has different knees from the current FR body that was introduced last year.)

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Sensuous Affair Giselle was a table centerpiece doll at Gloss Convention and she’s limited to 400 pieces.

I don’t know what’s up with all the horny doll names this year, but anyways, this girl is amazing! I love her natural palette and her well matched light brown (and not notoriously orange) eyebrows.
And comparing to some of the others from the convention collection, she’s really well dressed too.

I’m really glad I got one with nice and even lashes without any glue showing. One thing that concerns me though, is that her head sits really loose on the neck.. I think this is getting more and more common among the newer dolls. What solves it for me, at least temporarily, is turning the head 360 degees, though later on it goes back to being loose again..

Her hair is a blend of platinum and natural shade of blond. It is actually longer than what it appears to be. I think if straightened, it would almost be waist length.
I wish they made a red headed helper version of this Giselle instead of Vanessa, though I’m totally loving her as a blonde as well.

The jacket is probably the nicest part of the outfit. It fits well, and she almost can put her arms down while wearing it..
The blouse sans the bow reminds me of one from Scene Stealer Isha, except the fabric is a bit more stiff in Giselle’s version.
The high waisted shorts also fit really nicely, though they’re so tight, she can’t sit down in them.

The bra is questionable though.

Her jewelry set consists of gold disk shaped earrings and a ring:

and the boots come with zippers in the back, the laceup is ‘non functional’ anyways..

As for the body, I’ll do a separate post with comparison pics. I’m excited to have a new body type because I just like diversity, but I guess I still prefer the original nuface body with more natural looking and non square limbs.. and better articulation.

Here is my Blade wearing the amazing Slipper corset, I just love how incredibly detailed and well made this set is..
the picture speaks a 1000 words:

Unfortunately, I don’t own the shoes which came with Slipper, as the corset I bought was offered without them, so I picked the next best thing – Tick’s shoes which also have cleverly concealed powder compacts in their soles:

Corset from the back:

And just Blade:

I preordered this Poppy with an intention to try and turn her into Bergdorf Goodman.. buut by the time she came out I caved in and bought the real deal:p So now I’m not sure if I *need* this Poppy in my collection.

She did look like a bad replica of Goodman to me at first, but now she seems lovely in her own way.. I’m just not sure what I’d want to do with her. I’m not a fan of her updo, but taking the hair down would make her resemblance to Goodman even more apparent.. Maybe bangs could work for her..but that’s just too much work.

He eyes appear even darker in person, the gold paint looks pretty dull, almost brown , I think it looked lighter in promos.

No comment about the dress because I want to be nice

And here is Joyous Celebration vs. Bergdorf Poppy comparison:

Bergdorf is just a very well executed doll with a sophisticated well thought out palette done with quality paints.. Joyous Poppy is just not as polished.. The eye screening seems to be the same on both dolls, the eyebrows though, are not. JC has thinner eyebrows.. BG eyebrows appear darker but the paint is nice muted brown which matches her hair color really well. JC eyebrows are more reddish brown and the paint on this doll is glossier in general. As mentioned JC’s gold eyeshadow is very dirty looking gold, BG eyeshadow is much lighter.. JC underline eyeliner is alot darker and the lip and eye color difference is pretty obvious. Goodman also has a bit lighter shade of Caucasian skintone. Both are beautiful, but without a doubt, Goodman wins on many levels:)

Quick Updates:

  • So looks like this blog is currently in a state of an indefinite hiatus. I can't really see myself quitting dolls completely, but I haven't decided what to do with the blogging side of things yet.. guess as for now, for reference purposes I'm still keeping the site up.. just please don't expect any new posts anytime soon, even those with promos of the newly announced dolls.. i'm sure there are many other dolly blogs that cover them anyways. My sales pages are active and up to date, so feel free to contact me if you're interested in any of my stuff:) ×3

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