Here is my Blade wearing the amazing Slipper corset, I just love how incredibly detailed and well made this set is..
the picture speaks a 1000 words:

Unfortunately, I don’t own the shoes which came with Slipper, as the corset I bought was offered without them, so I picked the next best thing – Tick’s shoes which also have cleverly concealed powder compacts in their soles:

Corset from the back:

And just Blade:

I preordered this Poppy with an intention to try and turn her into Bergdorf Goodman.. buut by the time she came out I caved in and bought the real deal:p So now I’m not sure if I *need* this Poppy in my collection.

She did look like a bad replica of Goodman to me at first, but now she seems lovely in her own way.. I’m just not sure what I’d want to do with her. I’m not a fan of her updo, but taking the hair down would make her resemblance to Goodman even more apparent.. Maybe bangs could work for her..but that’s just too much work.

He eyes appear even darker in person, the gold paint looks pretty dull, almost brown , I think it looked lighter in promos.

No comment about the dress because I want to be nice

And here is Joyous Celebration vs. Bergdorf Poppy comparison:

Bergdorf is just a very well executed doll with a sophisticated well thought out palette done with quality paints.. Joyous Poppy is just not as polished.. The eye screening seems to be the same on both dolls, the eyebrows though, are not. JC has thinner eyebrows.. BG eyebrows appear darker but the paint is nice muted brown which matches her hair color really well. JC eyebrows are more reddish brown and the paint on this doll is glossier in general. As mentioned JC’s gold eyeshadow is very dirty looking gold, BG eyeshadow is much lighter.. JC underline eyeliner is alot darker and the lip and eye color difference is pretty obvious. Goodman also has a bit lighter shade of Caucasian skintone. Both are beautiful, but without a doubt, Goodman wins on many levels:)

On The Rise Elise was the doll from Safari collection I’ve been looking forward to the most and I’m so happy she did not disappoint. I just love everything about her! (Must be the reason why I took way too many pix of her)

I’m glad she has her own unique look and doesn’t really resemble any other Elise released to date.

Her info said that her skintone was japan and yet it’s completely different from High Visibility Agnes’s skintone (which also was stated as ‘japan’). It’s much paler and porcelain looking, while Agnes’s skintone is more grey toned. I’m glad they didn’t use the grey version on Elise.

The lashes on my doll are unusually short, but at least those are the matte lashes that fr’s typically come with (I cannot stand those cheap looking glossy lashes used on CP Eugenia and HV Agnes)
Another thing I found disappointing about all of the dolls I got recently is the ultraglossy paint used on the elements which are not supposed to be glossy, like the eyeliner, which looks extremely glossy and reflective.

I wasn’t a big fan of her yellow dress at first, but in person the color looks really beautiful on her. If I wasn’t so broke after the convention, I wouldn’t even mind keeping it.

Cute golden tube clutch, doesn’t really open, but very well made

I liked how the shoes looked from the side in packaging, but as for the front part, hm..not sure..

Not keeping the outfit, so didn’t bother with the jewelry..

My On The Rise Elise has arrived and I’m very relieved because this one won’t be going back to patient care.
Comapring to Agnes and Eugenia which arrived earlier, she’s very lovely and doesn’t have any mold, bad smells, facial paint or messed up eyelashes issues, so I’m happy.
Here are just a few pix while she was still in the box:

Her eyes seem to be looking in different directions (left one is looking up the other one just to the side), but I have a feeling that’s just the way the screening was done on all/most of them

Dress fabric closeup:


I still need to wash her hair as it’s very stiff from the product and put some paint over the eyelash glue, so more detailed out of box pictures will be coming later:)

edit: out of the box pictures of Elise here

Elusive Creature Natalia also arrived a couple days ago.
(With only 2 weeks between the 3 shipments, why couldn’t they all just arrive at once? Would save me so much on shipping, as the dealer was unresponsive about withholding the shipments to consolidate them into one package..)

She is fine quality-wise, but I am not keeping her.. She just looks different from promo pics. She seemed much softer and youthful for some reason and I thought her hair would be more platinum, instead it’s darker, almost dirty blond yellow.

Her makeup reminds me of Hot Property alot:

If her face was like that I wouldn’t hesitate to keep her. In comparison to HP Natalia, you can tell how dramatically the quality and deatil of facial paint slipped over the years.
So right now I’m really wondering why my money went on this Natalia instead of much better executed version from 2008..

I also don’t like the ultrawhite paint that was used on the eyes, it looks very unnatural

Her vest is made of the same bulky fabric which was used for Agnes’ skirt and corset..

Obviously, the best part of her outfit would be her huge straw hat which you can’t really see in box

The accessories:

same old, same old bangles, and new sunglasses which I totally don’t get. The lenses are just made of bland brown plastic. It looks so strange. Miss those days when the glasses lenses were actually transparent

The boots:

Dealer posted the doll in just shipper, and the box has arrived with a slight dent, which never happened to me before.

But I’ve seen much, much worse on Flickr.
On that photo, the box got so smashed, the doll got damanged as well.. I don’t think it’s the dealers fault though. The new boxes are just not as sturdy to withstand the longer journeys well. And the cardboard does feel more squishy, so not happy about having one more thing to worry about.

Quick Updates:

  • Also that gorgeous raven Syb from SD Instagram that I posted in sidebar a while ago was actually just a prototype version of Solitaire. She was featured in the latest issue of Haute Doll. Too bad the eye color was changed in production.. And looks like the other doll was the prototype of Cameo:
  • The 2015 PFDF Sybarite doll is Cameo
    She is a GenX vinyl doll like Solitaire and she is LE of 50

    2 Photo by lilianaamigita on Flickr
  • I won Anja! (And she was the only one I entered for.)
    Out of curiosity I checked the amounts of dolls which were drawn in the lotteries to get a better idea about the edition sizes.
    so looks like there are 360 winners for Love Roulette, and only 300 per each remaining 5
  • 3 new Color Infusion dolls were announced recently. You can preorder them now from authorized IT dealers

    1. Nyasha Lauder
    Item # 85076
    Nyasha Lauder™
    The Color Infusion Collection
    Limited Edition Size of 450 Dolls
    Estimated Ship Date: Approximately Late May/Early June 2015
    Suggested Retail Price: $100.00 US

    Doll Tech Specs:
    Quick Switch Feature: No
    Skin Tone: New Hispanic
    Hair Color: Brunette
    Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied


    2. Jacqueline O'Rion
    Item # 85077
    Jacqueline O'Rion™
    The Color Infusion Collection
    Limited Edition Size of 500 Dolls
    Estimated Ship Date: Approximately Late May/Early June 2015
    Suggested Retail Price: $100.00 US

    Doll Tech Specs:
    Quick Switch Feature: No
    Skin Tone: FR White
    Hair Color: Blond
    Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied


    3. Zara Wade
    Item # 85078
    Zara Wade™
    The Color Infusion Collection
    Limited Edition Size of 500 Dolls
    Estimated Ship Date: Approximately Late May/Early June 2015
    Suggested Retail Price: $100.00 US

    Doll Tech Specs:
    Quick Switch Feature: No
    Skin Tone: Light Honey
    Hair Color: Deep Brunette
    Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied


    And one doll from Jem line which will be an IT direct exclusive

    Item # 14056
    Lindsey Pierce™
    Adult Collectable Doll
    The JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS™ Collection
    Limited Edition Size of 500 Dolls
    Estimated Ship Date: Approximately Late May/Early June 2015
    Retail Price: $125.00 US + Shipping and Handling (and applicable sales tax for Maryland residents)

  • whole lot of 6 new dolls and nothing really extraordinary..
    even though i'm glad to see vanesssa v.2 back, I just never really liked Monaco Royale, and Love Roulette is the same screening + the orange spraytan skintone = pass for me
    the new 'Finley' sculpt is a bit of a misunderstanding... if i needed a fashionista barbie, i think i'd much rather get one for 1/10th of the price from mattel
    I did enter for Anja, but now i'm thinking she only stands out because the rest of them is a bit meh..if only she was a Kyori v.1, I'd just die
    Luchias lipstick is Second Skin Vanessa all over again, totally wrong color for the complexion
    And Kesenia is... well Kesenia. I'm sure the fans of the sculpt will appreciate her
    Veronique looks actually promising, I have a feeling in person she will look much better, but I'm just not a huge Vero fan, so will not be trying for her.
    The price hike is a bit outrageous.. from $75 to $100 in a year.. if only my earnings were increasing as quickly as IT prices..
  • a little underwhelmed by what was behind the teaser.. ×0
  • a new teaser from Integrity..
    "Stay tuned, the full reveal of these dolls (including ordering details) will be sent to W Club Members soon!"
    So it's going to be more than just one doll
  • Attending Paris Fashion Doll Festival is on my bucket list and who knows maybe one day I will be rich enough to afford it.. but for now out of curiocity i just researched the event info..
    This year PFDF will taking place during March 13 - March 15
    Registration cost is 125 Euros
    Registration for the Superdoll event is 550 Euros with the doll and 45 Euros without the doll
    Registration entries are accepted by email *slight eyeroll*
    Here is a detailed festival events breakdown.
    And looks like we will see another Gen X Sybarite doll on PFDF(source here)
    official event site:
    official blog:

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