High Profile Eugenia was a 2012 Tropicalia convention centerpiece doll. Her edition size is only 200 pieces.
Most of the Troplicalia fashions were somewhat questionable, but Eugenia’s dress just takes the trophy as the most hideous dress ever made by Integrity.
So I dressed her in something more worthy of her beauty – she is wearing Red Blooded Woman Kyori gown from 2004 along with some of her ‘own’ jewelry.

She has a striking faceup and gorgeous raven curls, one thing I wish was different about her is the skintone.. Somehow I didn’t mind it as much on Force of Nature Agnes, but I guess it just has a different appearance next to black or brown hair..so yeah, she could use less tan I guess..

Closeups of jewelry and shoes:

Ever since I got this doll I had the following visual in my head, was nice to finally bring it to life:

Remember AvantGuards? I found some of these pics when going through my old SD card. Androgyny is wearing AG Goldmine dress. It has always been one of my favorites. The lower part is made out of tiny metal plates, so it feels like an armour of some sort. The downside was that it tarnished rather quickly after the release, but it’s still an incredible dress. The wig comes from AG Lush doll and the cuff has unknown origin, bought it a long time ago with other 16″ doll jewelry

So these are just arrival nrfb photos of Touch of Frost Eugenia.. tbh I’m leaning more towards not keeping her.. because if I do, she might kill me in my sleep.

Actually, everything about her is beautiful, except those evil eyes. But I don’t feel like I have a right to complain because that’s exactly how she looked on promos, so I knew what I was getting into. I just hoped that production would somehow turn out softer. I think the only difference there is that the prototype seemed to have darker eyes, but it’s not what bugs me the most.

If only she came with a sideglancing look, I’m sure she wouldn’t look even half as bitchy. Some painted lashes would also help, since she doesn’t have thick eyeliner her eyelids look too ‘naked’ to me.

This Eugenia comes with japan skintone, raven hair and pale pink lips, same combination as Venus Eugenia had, so A Touch of Frost is now officially the best candidate for Venus makeover. I think until now it was either Spring Forward or Pencil Me In, because these two were the only Eugenias with japan skintone(if you don’t count After Tonight centerpiece) but either of those two would require a reroot and a Touch of Frost already comes raven and has a pretty big edition size (1130 according to the certificate, 1100 according to Wclub).

I’ve seen that her dress has been getting alot of hate, but tbh I can’t really see why. The fabrics have interesting texture and the embroidery is for once tastefully done. Sure, it’s not the best match for pale skinned Eugenia, but I think we’ve seen much much worse by now and this dress is among the better ones.

And her accessories are amazing too, love the rose gold jewelry set, the purse with pearlescent finish and the matching sandals:

Eugenia also comes in once again updated packaging, now the box and inner insert have matte finish and I was pleased to see the accessory drawer to be made out of cardboard again

So yeah, amazing doll, if it wasn’t for the grumpy cat face..

1. There are 4 new Tulabelle dolls, each one is limited to 400 pieces

As per usual I love the fashions (especially the goth inspired ones) but don’t care for the sculpt..

2. In Tulabelle’s timeline, her grandmother Poppy is not dead yet, Tulabelle just borrows the clothes Poppy can no longer wear.

3. 12 inch version of Tulabelle most probably won’t be happening

4. More popular doll lines went up in price, while not as popular ones got a bit discounted.

Suggested retail prices on Poppy Parker line have never been so high: $120 per doll with no special extras (except the candy colored guns). Last year To The Fair Poppies retailed at just $89
We all know that Poppy Parker dolls very rarely sell for under $100 on the secondary market. Even when all that is up for sale is a nude doll alone. Perhaps it has something to do with it..
Fashion Royalty line prices also went up $5 in comparison to the last year’s Classic collection with SRP of $130
At the same time, Tulabelle dolls are now $10 cheaper comparing to last year and now their SRP is $140

5. Poppy started her own TV series called The Girl From i.n.t.e.g.r.i.t.y which is heavily inspired by James Bond movies of the 60′s

6. The Girl From i.n.t.e.g.r.i.t.y Poppy collection consists of 8.5 dolls (0.5 being a Quickswitch 2.0 Poppy head option:p)

There are 3 new Poppy dolls, 3 Poppy friends(Tina Tanaka (Ayumi 1.0 sculpt), Jolie James (original Colette sculpt), and Loni Lawrence and 2 male friends – Chip and Lex Lawrence (Francisco Leon sculpt)

7. Loni comes with QuickSwitch 2.0 feature which is a newly improved head interchanging system.

The rest of the dolls in Poppy and Fashion Royalty line come without the quickswitch.
They didn’t make any changes in the QS dolls head sculpts, which means that Quickswitch 2.0 heads are 100% compatible with regular bodies which come without the quickswitch system.
They have updated the neck knob on the body which is supposed to hold the head more tightly in place. They did admit that the quickswitch 2.0 neck joint has a more limited range of motion comparing to regular type bodies that come without it.

8. The golden trench coat of Front Row Tulabelle is the same one that Poppy Spy-A-Go-Go is wearing. The only difference is the scale

9. New shoespacks are going to be available soon through IT Direct. One is for Poppy and one is for FR2 feet

These shoepacks will be limited to 400 pieces and retail at $30 and will be available sometime late summer/early fall

10. There are 4 new Jem dolls:

11. Clash Montgomery is another doll which comes with a Quickswitch 2.0 system. She is supplied with 2(!) additional heads.. Excellent value for $125..
If only they’d applied the same marketing tactics for the event Agnes doll that “nobody likes at all”..

12. Ironically, the blond haired girl has blue eyebrows and blue haired one doesn’t..

13. There are 7 (8 if you count the Wclub Vanessa) dolls in the long awaited 2014 Spring Collection. The names of the characters which would appear in the collection have been known for a while:
1. Veronique 2.0
2. Kyori 2.0
3. Elise
4. Vanessa 3.0
5. Natalia 2.0
6. Agnes
7. Eugenia
8. Adele 2.0

..AKA ‘The Core 8′. Other Fashion Royalty characters might be reintroduced, but the main focus will be on these 8 characters from now on.

14. This year’s Fashion Royalty outfits were inspired by urban safari trend:

All Fashion Royalty promo pictures and official info are posted on this page

15. Kyori’s purse is based on Jason Wu human scale ‘Jourdan’ bag:

16. A new designer artist worked on the face paint along with Jason Wu.

Tbh I wasn’t too crazy about certain elements of the facepaint on the new dolls.. Kyori and her neverending eyeshadow flick must be my least favorite one.

17. Just like two years ago, the unveiling event doll was Agnes who came in a mini giftset along with an extra pair or shoes and a long skirt.

18. Upgraded NuFace are currently still under development, so it is unknown when they will be revealed.
(crazy thought.. instead of putting the line on a hiatus for two years straight, why not just release them on the old body while the new one is in the works?..)

19. Refreshed Homme body will also come later.. Most probably sometime in winter.

20. There will be more ITBE dolls, they just have no idea/didn’t feel like telling when

21. There are no plans to offer FR2 bodies separately..
(discoloration issues of old bodies were not mentioned)

22. There have also been questions about FR luggage, fashion packs and furniture.
Luggage would be way too expensive to manufacture right now, as production costs increased considerably since the last time IT released luggage sets.
Furniture is probably not coming back either, although they’ve been looking into it.
Seems like it wouldn’t be worth the hassle with the more complicated process when importing it from Asia to US.
Fashion packs are getting more expensive to produce also, so they don’t plan on releasing any.
And they intend to release some convention information very soon:)

You can view all of the promo pictures of the new collection on these pages:
Fashion Royalty Spring 2014 Collection
2014 Poppy Parker Girl from I.N.T.E.G.R.I.T.Y Collection
2014 Tulabelle Collection
2014 Jem and the Holograms

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Whenever Integrity comes up with an ultralimited exclusive featuring a popular sculpt, there’s bound to be alot of drama.. Montaigne Market Boutique exclusive Elise limited to 300 pieces wasn’t an exception.

European collectors often do feel ‘neglected’ by the company since all their marketing is very US-centric. We don’t get any conventions or events, there are barely any EU-based dealers, so alot of times we have no other choice but to buy dolls in the US and pay the ever-increasing shipping fees and import customs on top of those.
But whenever we finally get a special exclusive, it just turns into a mess.

At first in the reveal email which didn’t state exact time the doll would go on sale, we got a notice to stay tuned for more information, which never really came, so we had to rely on bits and pieces of sometimes conflicting information provided by other wclub members who got in touch with the store staff. First they said we were supposed to place our orders via telephone, then it was email then she was supposed to go live on the website on friday morning which later changed to saturday. But then the doll went up for sale on friday afterall….

I was lucky to not be asleep that day and I was just checking the store just in case, so basically was in the right place at the right time and actually managed to grab Elise before she was gone. Then she sold out in like 6 minutes but then she came back in stock and sold out several more times.. which could serve as a reminder to never give up on what you want even when it says it’s supposedly gone..

Some collectors in France managed to buy dolls in the boutique and quickly put them up on ebay.. the first two ones sold for shocking $1009 and $1111, something that never really happened before to a newly released doll with this edition size.

It was really nice of IT to set aside 50 dolls for the lottery in Wclub, but according to my vague calculations, no more than 1316 club members entered the lottery so the chances of winning one were approx 20-26 to one..

The shipping cost of 40 Euros was also outrageous even by European standards.. most of the time when shopping in European stores you get to pay around 10-20 Eur, and if you spend enough money some will offer the shipping for free, so it’s the first time I had to pay so much to ship something so small and rather light (Elise comes in a smaller sized lighter box, same as last year’s convention Elise came in)
Sure, they used some overnight express service, but since she was shipped on the third day after the purchase I personally didn’t really get to fully experience the express part anyways.

My doll unfortunately wasn’t the best version of herself due to several issues with her faceup, so I decided to return her to IT..so right now she’s on the way there, but I’ve decided to take some pix before mailing her out, so it would be easier for me to wait till she returns.

But anyways, both doll and fashion are just gorgeous!
It felt like I got to experience just a bit of the old school FR, almost every piece in the set is just amazing.

Elise has gold glittery eyeshadow, which to my knowledge never really been used on Fashion Royalty dolls before. I was afraid it would look tacky, but I think she managed to pull it off.

Her skintone is officially ‘japan’, as stated in doll specs, though it looks a bit darker than typical japan tone. I compared her to Midnight Star Elise and MM has somewhat more greyish body and face..it’s sometimes less or more noticeable depending on the lighting, but I think it would have been nicer if she was paler.

Her fashion is based on 2014 Spring/Summer Jason Wu runway look, or more like 2 looks.

I am glad that unlike the model, Elise doesn’t come with short hair.

Her outfit consists of stylish safari jacket with oversized pockets, I think I even like the doll version better than the original.

It’s a bit of a bitch to put on and off though with the way the belt works

As for the dress, I totally loved it until I took the jacket off, the top part does not drape very well, the bulky sequins are probably to blame.. the human version is much more elegant, I also like the semitransparent bottom of the runway dress, too bad they didn’t try to replicate that part in 1/6 scale.

I love the extremely detailed purse with tiny stitching:

And the paper shopping bags with Montaigne Market logo were a very clever touch..
I think for the price of 150 Euros though, they could as well come filled with stuff.. or at least an extra pair of shoes or sth:p

The shoes don’t align very well with the arch of fr2 foot, otherwise they’re lovely and well made.

And she comes with simple gold stud earrings, and a gold hair clip, just too bad it is already tarnished and mine features a prominent fingerprint of whoever handled this doll before me…

And finally, animated gif video made with phone cam:)

Quick Updates:

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  • ghoultalk1
    Got the MH Ghoul Talk set in Sainsburys last weekend:)
    Tbh i mostly wanted it for Rochelle.. she looks so cute with bangs and ponytail and mint green lips.. as for Catrine, I had the debut one but sold her after I got the New Scaremester one which got purple eyeshadow i liked better than pink.. and this one comes with pink eyeshadow again.. they both are pretty awesome though.. had to go through maybe 8 sets or so to find one with most decent facepaint

  • wow check out these amazing vector artworks of some of the FR and monster high dolls:
    https://www.flickr.com/photos... Love this portrait of BOD Lucy!
  • New FR Vanessa based on 2013 Integrity Toys Design Competition winner 'Edge' By Lisa Ramsammy.

    Original doll: https://www.flickr.com/photos/...

    For the first time ever, there is no preorder limit, anyone can preorder as many of this doll as they want.

    Item # 91354
    Vanessa Perrin Dressed Doll
    The Fashion Royalty Collection
    2013 Design Competition Award Doll by Lisa Ramsammy
    Edition Size: TBA (Based on all orders received, see ordering information below)
    Suggested Retail Price:
    $150 public/$135 W Club Members (+ Shipping and tax if applicable)
    Estimated Delivery Date: Approximately Late Fall/Early Winter 2014

    Doll Tech-Specs:
    Head Sculpt: Vanessa 3.0
    Body: FR 2013
    Skin Tone: FR White
    Quickswitch Feature: No
    Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied
    Hair Color: Luscious Blond






  • First photos of club event Agnes: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2014...

    Also club members also got a 'surprise' FR doll announcement today:)
  • Third 2014 W Club Exclusive Doll Ombres Poétique Mademoiselle Jolie

    Item # 91352
    Ombres Poétique
    Mademoiselle Jolie Dressed Doll
    2014 W Club Exclusive Mini-Gift Set
    Limited Edition Size: TBA
    Special W Club Suggested Retail Price: $150.00
    Estimated Shipping Date: Approximately Late Fall/Early Winter 2014

    Doll Tech Specs:
    Scale: 12-inch / 1:6
    Head Sculpt: Isha 1.0
    Body Sculpt: FR 2013
    Skin Tone: FR White
    Hair: Silver Blond
    Quick Switch Feature: No
    Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-Applied

    The doll is inspired by a OOAK created by Jason Wu in 2006. You can see pictures of that doll here:








  • Shipping update from Integrity:
    Shipping to Dealers Starting Approximately the Week of September 2nd, 2014:
    Item # 86008 French Kissed Tulabelle Doll

    Fashion Royalty
    Item # 91344 City Prowl Eugenia Perrin
    Item # 91346 Faded Desert Kyori Sato

    Poppy Parker
    Item # PP066 Brother in Arms Sebastien Havoc Figure
    Item # PP067 Mayhem in Monte Carlo Poppy Parker Doll
    Item # PP068 Code Name: Arm Candy Chip Farnsworth Figure

    Shipping to Dealers Starting Approximately the Week of September 15th, 2014:
    Item # 91342 Natalia
    Item # 91348 Adele

    Shipping to Dealers Starting Approximately the Week of September 22nd, 2014:
    Item # 91343 Elise
    Item # 91347 Veronique

    IT Direct Shipping Approximately the Week of September 15th, 2014
    Item # 76017 La Grande Seduction Victoire Roux Club Doll
    Item # 91349 High Visibility Agnes Von Weiss Event Doll

    IT Direct Shipping Approximately in Early October, 2014
    FR White Bodies
    Japan Tone Bodies
    Item # PP070 Joyous Celebration Poppy Parker Doll

    Also club members were shown another generous teaser:
    teaser222 Hopefully she'll be revealed on Monday/Tuesday

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