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I took these pictures back in February, but just couldn’t get around photoshopping them until now.. So, here’s my Follow the Line Kesenia:)
Her coloring is somewhat different from the promo photo.. on which colors appeared slightly muted. And that’s too bad because in person her eyeshadow looks more orangey and the hair has a rather intense magenta tint to it. Her hair is a blend of auburn/medium brown and a pinkish red (Ruby Tuesday, I think)

As for the jacket, the tailoring leaves much to be desired.. it bulges and wrinkles. The pants, however, fit amazingly well.. and as for the white sleeveless top with an oversized bow which tends to have a mind of its own, not a big fan:P

Still in box:

Follow the Line vs Porcelain Beauty Kesenia comparison:

I think Kesenia’s anatomically incorrect mouth looks more natural with darker lipstick:)

To be honest, I entered the lottery because of the outfit.. and an fr2 body:) I like her better than I thought I would, but somehow, the prototype seemed prettier…

Maybe it’s the longer lashes or slightly thinner eyebrows, or narrower head.. or possibly non translucent vinyl.. I just wish the production was exactly like the prototype..

I was a fan of original Ayumi sculpt and it’s a shame they barely used it before discontinuing it. The new sculpt is actually very beautiful too.. but it’s not Ayumi.
I have a feeling that this mold might have been a byproduct of Adele resculpting experiments, really reminds me of her for some reason..

High Brow Adele vs Luminous vs London by Night Ayumi

The dress she is wearing is a 1/6 scale version of an actual Jason Wu dress from last years’ Spring collection.

[Price of the human scale version: $2,550]

Mine seems to bulge in a few places and it could be tighter I guess, but I still love it:)

The shoes are simply a work of art! They are also based on a design by Jason Wu

Surprisingly, she could even stand in these on her own

Not the best pose in the world, but still the fact that she wouldn’t fall over in these skyscraper heels was amazing enough.. and this one taken with the help of additional support:

Arrived like this..

..not a stray hair.. another miracle! lol

And she comes with Gaga sunglasses and a small set of jewelry. And there were no extra hands this time..

Finally an amazing doll that is wearing an outfit right up my alley..
Here’s my Sweet Nothings Gretel:D

I’ve noticed her head vinyl color is slightly darker than it should be, you can even tell the variation in color between body and head from the photo…

The shoes would be a torture to put on. I gave up on mine quickly and made her wear Bewitching Hour Luchia gladiators. Gretel’s shoes really should’ve come with a zipper too. Even though the laces are slightly elastic, you can’t push doll’s leg through as the lace up is too tight, the best way to do it would be to undo them completely and then use a needle or better two to lace them up on a doll again..

Fashion inspiration:
Alexander McQueen 2011 Fall collection

The new Fashion Royalty collection was announced during a webinar on March 31 / April 1st in some timezones.
In overall, the 2012 collection is just fabulous and is selling out at a speed of light!
Could be because after the Jet Set Convention fiasco everyone had their expectations so low, that the new dolls didn’t seem so bad in comparison:P jk
But anyways, this year collectors finally got some of the things they’ve been begging for, for a long time.. Generous giftsets, bigger edition sizes, bags and clutches, colors other than black and lack of stud earrings:)

The 2012 Fashion Royalty/ Nuface collection is called The Style Directive Collection

There are 8 Fashion Royalty and 4 NuFace girls in the collection:

Fashion Royalty:


The 2012 collection trends include:

- Lots of bags and clutches

- Elaborate jewelry

- Neon color accents

- Nude lips

- Narrow heels/wedges

- High ponytails with streaks on the sides

- Slightly bigger editions. Even though the main FR/Nuface line remains within 300-600 range, Dynamite Girls/Boys are now 450 (comparing to editions of 300 last year). Also all Poppy dolls are limited to 600.

- Fair Prices. This year all dolls come with handbags and lots of jewelry, extra pieces of clothing, like jackets and detachable collars. And all that for the same price as last year ($110). The giftsets including extra outfits are priced very reasonably as well.

There are no new female characters this year, but there is one new sculpt…

Yes, they killed off Kyori:’(((

They said they tried to keep this mold true to the original…
..but personally, I don’t see it at all. It’s very hard to judge of course, since she’s photographed from the same angle in all photos.
I really hope the production doll is different, but from what it looks like.. she seems to have joined Perrin & co family featuring rectangular faceshape with this unattractive heavy jawline. Plus she tends to have this weird smirk that is oh so not Kyori.
I loved the old sculpt, yes it lacked a little definition in her nose, but other than that she was a fierce classic.. I just don’t see why can’t they fix what is actually broken instead of messing with perfection.

Which brings us to…
Your Kind Of Model Kesenia..

Kesenia always gets the best looks and outfits.. [which feels like such a waste tbh..]
But.. this must be the best incarnation of her so far.. she looks like Poesie Vanessa revisited.. And they also captured her from just one angle, so it’s kinda hard to get a complete idea about her right now.
Kesenia uses Japan / Asian skintone this time

Her dress is actually layered and the sheer piece can be worn separately, so you’re basically getting two dresses.
Too bad the cheap embroidery ruins everything.

And the Event doll (and probably the highlight of all the collection) was Truly, Madly, Deeply Agnes mini giftset.

She was available to the Wclub members for preorder during about 24 hours after the webinar took place. She is hands down my favorite! I’m sure she will look even more stunning in person.. She is due to ship sometime in summer.

Always On Her Mind Dania:

My very first thought was that she is supposed to be Vanessa.. and probably I wasn’t the only one as during the Q&A session somebody asked if the new Dania was using a different mold, but the answer was no, this is the same old Dania..

Jordan and Annik use a slightly lighter skintone than usual this time.

There is also one new Homme character.. Perry Marino.

According to the storyline he is Natalia’s ex husband who is having an affair with Eugenia. (and just wtf is she thinking??)

Designers also hinted that more Hommes might be coming soon..

We finally got another twins giftset! Lead Singles Eden and Lillith, LE450. And it includes 2 dressed dolls + 2 full outfits!

I love Eden, not sure about Lillith yet, those early 90′s bangs look confusing.. A bit let down about their hair being in ponytails just like Wild at Heart twins’

By the way, they said that the Rock Wedding trio should ship in about a month.

Live, Work, Play! Giselle sports the very same hair as Eden, even the makeup looks similar.

Her outfits rock though. Love the Statuesque necklace ‘re-edition’, but the absence of rocks in the earrings looks cheap and unfinished.. but in overall, the mini giftset is amazing and she even comes with full length leather pants!

There are 3 dolls in FR2 collection:

Strict Elegance Luchia, Nouveau Régime Tatyana and Opium Ayumi

And yes.. Luchia received a ‘makeover’ as well.. she is now using the Bergdorf Fashion’s Night Out doll mold

What was really weird is that during the presentation they never even made any comments on the change, they would mention about the slightest alterations in some characters skintones, but they said nothing about why this fugly mold had to hijack Luchia’s character :(

On most part, when a character would receive a makeover, you could see at least a hint of resemblance here and there. But this is absolutely nothing like Luchia. Sure, the old mold no doubt had its weaknesses(too big lips for example), but if this was old luchia’s head, I’d snatch this doll in a heartbeat, esp since I adore the fashion (leather and lace – thank you!!), but this one I can’t stand to look at. Even Ayumi looks more like an old Luchia to me

Opium Ayumi, LE400..
She’s a little over the top, but I’m warming up to her:)

But I’m still not convinced about this Tatyana mold even with the gorgeous coloring…
But she sure has some kickass shoes.. I mean look at the little chain detail!

According to the webinar poll, out of all FR2 dolls,Tatyana was the favorite

There are 4 new Poppies, 2 Darlas and a Chip in Poppy Parker collection

I’m not a Poppy Person. I’ve had 2 grail Poppy’s and let them both go. But this years ones are fantastic! I can’t believe I liked them so much! Especially She’s Not There aka the Twiggy Poppy

Too bad she doesn’t have Twiggy’s signature painted on bottom lashes.. but she’s still amazing with her applied top lashes and well defined eyeshadow.

The Happening Poppy, LE 600. Gorgeous soft coloring, but it’s a shame her hair is in a ponytail and I’m already seeing a crooked hairline there..

Sunshine Games Poppy comes in slightly different skintone, it’s darker than caucasian but lighter than Latina. The other Poppies use the usual caucasian skintone

Dynamite Girls are upgraded again, now they come with fabric shoes and nice quality realistic outfits..

This year Auden comes in Style Mantra ginger.. styled as London Mist

Surprisingly, I even kinda like it :)

But looks like his new hair color wasn’t really well received with the majority.

Unfortunately, no changes in the boys’ body so far, or any bodies for that matter.. I was really hoping for some sort of FR 4th gen body upgrade, but not this year I guess..


I didn’t win the lottery, but.. after I spend a week kicking myself for not getting an additional membership instead of upgrade doll, I got a ‘second chance offer’ and was still able to get her at retail! (Thanks Laurence!)

The whole set is just gorgeous!

Giselle uses the same screening as Mais Oui. At first I thought they would look very similar, but in person they look nothing alike.. If anyone, she resembles Head for Glamour Agnes (and Snowwhite:).

Her lips are amazingly done. I’ve had some red-lipped dolls with color slightly washed out, especially at the corners, but well, this is so not the case with this Giselle. The color is very rich, just the right shade and completely opaque.

Her eyeshadow would have been much better if it was airbrushed.. it consists of two semitransparent shades, brown and ash grey, and it is noticeably darker in the place where they overlap..

I’ve noticed her eyelashes are somewhat thicker than usual which also adds even more charm to her face..

Her hair is razorcut curled ponytail.. very long and very thick.. they didn’t use any product to fix the style this time, which is probably good and bad thing, as it can get messed up more easily, even while traveling…

The overall quality of clothing and accessories is still not the kind most collectors feel nostalgic about, but at least this time you get a crapload of stuff for the price you’re paying.
She comes with 3 pairs of shoes, 3 belts, 2 handbags, 3 bracelets, a hat, a stole and a pair of earrings and stockings.
Pink heel-less shoes are my fav! The black ones are just too big and way out of scale. They don’t fit FR2 dolls as well. And red sandals main color is a little dull in person and the shape looks a little awkward, but maybe it’s just my pair..

The red belt is a little stiff.. hate it when they use big stitches, makes it look cheap.. The hat comes with a pair of pins, but there isn’t much need in them, it can be be positioned at pretty much any angle you wish

The stole is a little too bulky, as always, but the fur is really soft and smooth.. much better than what I got in a Design-a-dynamite set lol

Here are my Glam Addict and Mais Oui Giselles side by side:

Glam Addict Giselle
Announced on February 7 2012, was available to the members of Wclub via lottery
Laurebelle Couture “Exclusive”
Edition size: 300
Retail price: US $150 or EU 140
Skintone: caucasian
Hair color: raven

Quick Updates:

  • So looks like this blog is currently in a state of an indefinite hiatus. I can't really see myself quitting dolls completely, but I haven't decided what to do with the blogging side of things yet.. guess as for now, for reference purposes I'm still keeping the site up.. just please don't expect any new posts anytime soon, even those with promos of the newly announced dolls.. i'm sure there are many other dolly blogs that cover them anyways. My sales pages are active and up to date, so feel free to contact me if you're interested in any of my stuff:) ×2
  • Wow, this was the most frustrating preordering experience I've ever had!
    I don't bother with emails because dealers have their favorites or give priority to those who order the whole line, sometimes even sight unseen. So when they do get back at me I'm only offered the leftovers. Well, i still tried and sent one email, and yeah, result was the same.

    So when preordering on a website, usually when I miss out on a doll it's because I couldn't check out fast enough.. but today.. it was because sites were crashing, errors popping up, pages loading slow or timing out until one of the dealers went under completely. wow.
    In the end I did get all I wanted to get.. but there were moments of desperation when I thought I wouldn't get anything..
    So here's a quick first impression:
    The whole Poppy collection is amazing! Though I can't afford them all, so just (hopefully) getting my favorites:
    Out of this world Poppy - she really IS out of this world! She's like a crossbreed between Poesie Vanessa and Switzerland Poppy.. love love love! if the production is no different from the prototype she will be tha Bomb!
    Go See Poppy - so adorable! love her hair color and pale skintone, surprised she's hasn't sold out yet
    Hippie Dippy Poppy - I have a feeling she will be much better in person, on promos she looks.. off.. i don't know why but we'll find out soon enough
    Midas Touch Poppy - I just love the whole package, the hair, the face, the outfit, although she does remind me of India alot..

    From the FR line I only preordered Elise, but mostly because well, she is Elise.. I wasn't overly impressed by FR collection. I totally hate the 'new' screening with the puffy/plastic-surgery-gone-bad eyes. Only Natalia and Kyori have been spared.. but it's hard to look at some of the rest of them *Eugenia cough*
    Didn't love the fashions too. Not a fan of tweed in general. Only works for me when done with some edgy twist, say I did love FR16 Shades of Grey look, but in FR line everything is too dull and oversimplified, plus thick fabrics never translate too well into 12" scale.. so on most part really dissapinted with FR releases..but also realeaved at the same time since I don't have to figure out how the hell I would be paying for them lol
    I also liked Tatyana, but not enough to buy her by just one closeup picture..

    And of course I passed on the Event Vronique Giftset, I don't collect this sculpt and even if i did.. $225? Really? at first I though that price was a typo.. especially after the generous 3 headed Poppy giftset for $ i'm assuming since Vero will be made to order, she'll end up being quite a rare doll lol

    also let down there was no nuface in this reveal when I'm pretty sure it's what we had been promised.. And no definite answer when they might be making an appearance too..

    Rebel Princess - Mansion - Clone 1000 - LE100 - Price without VAT: £232.62
    Another vinyl Sybarite 'Mansion' went on sale this evening, she was up for about half an hour and now she seems to be sold out. She still might come back in stock, happened a few times before with some dolls, so if you missed out on her, don't lose faith and keep refreshing:)
  • dione10
    Dione - Ficon doll with new sculpt and body went on sale today, priced at $690 (+$50 shipping)
    Available at
    But no I didn't go for her
  • Shipping schedule from Integrity update:

    Third Week of May 2015
    Color Infusion Leading Ladies Collection
    Item # 85076 Nyasha Lauder
    Item # 85077 Jacqueline O'Rion
    Item # 85078 Zara Wade

    First week of June 2015
    Item 91353 Rare Appearance Dania Zarr Dressed Doll

    Mid-June 2015
    Item PP078 Groovy Galore Poppy Parker Dressed Doll
    Item 91375 Aristocratic Baroness Agnes Von Weiss Dressed Doll
    Item 85075 Vice Effect Ollie Lawson Dressed Figure

    Late June 2015 - Early July
    Item 14063 Techrat Dressed Fashion Figure Dressed Figure
  • ×0
  • Also that gorgeous raven Syb from SD Instagram that I posted in sidebar a while ago was actually just a prototype version of Solitaire. She was featured in the latest issue of Haute Doll. Too bad the eye color was changed in production.. And looks like the other doll was the prototype of Cameo:
  • The 2015 PFDF Sybarite doll is Cameo
    She is a GenX vinyl doll like Solitaire and she is LE of 50

    2 Photo by lilianaamigita on Flickr

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