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…just thought I’d take a pic of Eugenia to commemorate her original look before I rip her hair out and start on the reroot lol

Okay, It’s time for Isha to actually steal the scene…

She’s just a stunner. She shares the face mold with Luchia, yet looks completely unlike Luchia with this screening/skintone. What makes her stand out is that she’s probably the least fierce FR doll since the old Veronique, just a genuinely sweet and adorable gal..

I noticed that production doll is quite different from the prototype, as the prototype Isha had a completely different eye color.

Natural brown eyes go much better with her look and make her look more alive. But a slightly possessed Isha would have been interesting too:)

Makes you think what other ‘surprises’ to expect from IT in the future..

Her skintone looks exactly like on promos, it’s considerably lighter than Natalia’s with some olive/yellowish undertone. If I could, I would tweak it, but she’s still fine the way she is.

Her hair is alot like Brides of Dracula 2011 Lucy’s, just shorter. It gets curlier at the ends sprayed with some stuff to hold the ringlets together..really makes you wanna wash and restyle it.

Her outfit is too corporate for my liking, but at least the quality is better than I expected. The blouse was a pleasant surprise, the fabric is extremely soft and delicate.
If only she didn’t forget to wear that bra..

The shoes are killer, I especially love the zippers in the back which make putting them on/off so much easier. I’ve sold too many shoes I liked because of the annoying buckle closures that are a bitch to put on and never stay in place anyways. Too bad they don’t look as fab in the front..

The jewelry is similar to the set which came with Monogram Redefined, except there was no necklace.
So looks like flowers are the new studs.

It does look a bit odd/unfinished without the enamel fill though.

Scene Stealer 101:
Edition Size: 400
Retail Price: $110
Announced: February 2011
Released: June 2011
The New Close-Ups Collection

I took this pic to let everyone know I’m moving to another flickr account. The whole thing turned out to be more of a hassle than I expected, so I didn’t feel like taking any more photos:P and now I can’t even access my old account damnit.

Well, once pictures of Night Scape started to pop up, I remembered how torn I was deciding whether I should get her or not. I knew it would eventually come down between these two Giselles and I’d really hate that. But luckily, I did a right thing by not preordering the NS Giselle.. IMO Mais Oui is way more tastefully put together when it comes to coloring. ORANGE EYESHADOW MUST DIE!!!!

I never took any pictures of my MO mostly because I was so disappointed with her hair.. It came outta the box looking like a disaster, washing it didn’t help, so while everyone’s Giselles looked like supermodels mine looked like she has never seen a hairbrush.. well then I thought maybe she just should embrace that look lol

Today my Eugenia and Isha arrived. I was just staring getting on the fence about Eugenia, as some of her photos have not been flattering. I knew Isha would be a knockout so I had no worries about her.
Actually Eugenia is very pretty in person, she seems a bit harsh because of her haircut. Also the fact that she’s not very photogenic doesn’t help. There are dolls that look better on photos than in rl, but with Eugenia it’s the other way around.. it’s a challenge to take a photo that would do her justice.

And as for Isha, she’s just perfect.. almost too perfect actually :P I think I’ll try to resist deboxing her before ifdc dolls are announced..just in case.. and in the meanwhile play with Eugenia, I like to focus my attention on one doll at a time anyways :)

Quick Updates:

  • 140 days or 4 months, 18 days until 2014 IT Convention!

    Hope the collection lives up to its title:)

    "The lights go down; the warm breeze hits you. You can feel the beat of the music taking control as it moves you to another place. You are surrounded by photography, glamour, fashion, glitter and beauty. You just need to add a bit of... GLOSS."
  • I understand some collectors like to buy multiples, but seriously 7 Ready Steady Poppys(LE100)? and 6 Fine Jewel Eugenias (LE160)? Yep, I still can't get over that mysterious seller, keeps me wondering each time they put some grails up on ebay.. ×1
  • Ficon Leonie, Purity Dasha and Live Work Play Giselle are looking for a new home... ×0
  • oh my.. what a lucky seller
  • Edition sizes of some of the Wclub dolls update:
    Item # 91341 A Touch of Frost Eugenia Perrin-Frost
    Edition Size: 1100 Dolls

    Item # 14057 Countess Danielle Du Voisin
    Edition Size: 415 Dolls

    Item # 91345 Fashion Explorer Vanessa Perrin
    Edition Size: 1000 Dolls

    Item # PP059 The Girl From INTEGRITY Poppy Parker
    Edition Size: 870 Dolls

    Item # 76017 La Grande Seduction Victoire Roux W Club Exclusive
    Edition Size: 465 Dolls
  • Pages with all the photos of the dolls which were revealed last Saturday:
    Fashion Royalty Spring 2014 Collection

    2014 Poppy Parker Girl from I.N.T.E.G.R.I.T.Y Collection

    2014 Tulabelle Collection

    2014 Jem and the Holograms
  • Just finished writing FR/Integrity 2014 collection overview post.. but since the confidentiality period isn't over, can't publish it yet. So check back same time tomorrow! ×2

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