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Costume Drama Giselle is probably the most rerooted FR doll ever. I should know, because this one has been rerooted 3 times..
To be honest, now I wish I never bothered with it, as overtime I actually started liking her cute short hairdo.
Not all of them came with a perfect haircut, mine had uneven hair length which really bothered me..

The reroot artist which would have done a perfect job on her wasn’t available for the commission at the time, so I went with a different person I never dealt with before.
What they did was a big disappointment.. The shade they used was two tones darker than what I requested, the reroot itself was messy and even my directions regarding the style were completely ignored. So this was the moment when I realized I had to learn how to reroot myself to save my poor Giselle..
So then I came up with this..

At first I was fairly happy with it, but overtime I realized that it was just terrible (it was my first attempt afterall, would be strange if it was otherwise) and that I still used a wrong color, as the platinum I had was just a little darker than her original (it makes no difference in pictures but it was noticeable in person).

That’s when her original look started growing on me, so I bought another Costume Drama Giselle..
Even though her hair looked great, my first one still had a prettier face, even with her semi ruined lashes.

So I decided to reroot her again, this time in Snowwhite platinum. I didn’t even have a distinct look in mind, tbh I just wanted to fix her..
I parted her hair in the middle without too much consideration, mostly because the holes were already there :p just then I realized how big her forehead really is, so the centerpart is probably not the best look for her, but it was too late either way.. I also gave her a razor cut and I guess layers helped somehow, so now I don’t hate it as much.. and at least the color is just perfect for her now.
Even though I have no way to compare it, I’m pretty sure it’s the shade she originally had. I noticed that my second Giselle actually comes with warmer platinum blond. Guess sometimes Integrity does this.. there are 2 versions of Baby It’s You Poppy as well, some come with icy platinum, others with warmer shade.

So I guess this is where I’ll stop tweaking her, enough is enough:)

Power Game Natalia is a 2009 Iconic Convention doll (LE350), she was a part of a giftset which was given to all the attendees. I got her just wearing her lingerie which is my favorite look out of the three. It is rather unusual for this character to come in caucasian skintone. Natalia usually uses a range of tan skitones, so the ‘paleness’ of this incarnation makes her pretty unique.

Her hair is gorgeous! It was taken out of her original style, I like it much better this way:)

When I started collecting, Poesie Sans Couleur Vanessa was *the* holy grail of all Fashion Royalty dolls. Released in 2005, a limited edition of 500 FDQ exclusive to this day remains a true icon in my eyes.
I’ve had her for a few years now, and tbh I’ve been procrastinating with photographing her for so long because I really wanted to do her justice with my pictures and was worried they wouldn’t turn out so well.
Poesie is hands down my favorite Vanessa, everything about her is sheer perfection, the hair, the facepaint and the garments she comes with.
Unfortunately, I didn’t get her nrfb or even complete. Mine came with just her wedding gown, shoes and a few accessories. I did aim for a nrfb at first, it’s just that this doll just happened to be listed on my birthday, so I took it as a sign and bought her:p

So as her lingerie look, she’s wearing True Royalty Vanessa corset, I actually happen to like this set better than her own. And she still has her ‘something blue’, so it works with the whole wedding theme. I had no luck finding her cocktail dress at a reasonable price though, so that’s why she’ll be featured only wearing her wedding dress and the lingerie in this post.

Her wedding dress is just.. magnificent. I’m not even a gown person, but this one is truly breathtaking.. I think you need to see it in person to fully appreciate it though.

(Of course I had to forget to put on the belt and misplaced her dragonfly pin, so I couldn’t find it..)

Bigger version on flickr:

A ‘double feature’ today with Color Infusion Tilda Brisby and London Calling Cruz:

Tilda was one of the Color Infusion dolls offered at last years’ convention. CI dolls unfortunately have ‘Jem’ body type which features bigger hands and feet. Even though the hands are not a big issue since they can easily be replaced, the feet are a different story.. They’re so huge, none of the FR/FR2 shoes will fit them, that’s why I’d love to switch her to a regular fr2 body one day.

Tilda shares sculpt with Roxy from Jem line. It’s like if Elise Jolie and Rory Riot from Jem had a daughter, she would look something like Tilda. She has a small mouth and sharp cheekbones like Elise and her unique nose shape made me think of Rory. I’m totally in love with this girl, too bad she seems a bit underrated so far.

These boots by ayukislove is the only thing that fit her..

I got Cruz definitely not because of his outfit, it’s a bit too ‘fashion forward’ for my liking.
He surely is very handsome, there’s just two things I would change about him.. one is the skintone. He has this slightly tan skintone just like Hot Dots and Pretty in Polynesia Poppy, it tends to look a bit yellowish sometimes, I’d much rather prefer him in Caucasian or even Japan skintone.
And the other thing is his lip color. It’s just a wrong shade of pink for this skintone, so it kinda looks like he’s got lipstick on.

He’s got like 2 layers of clothing under that jacket: an orange striped vest and a pretty tight fitting lime shirt under it:

He also came with a set of ‘leather’ fingerless gloves.. which I’d rather use with a different outfit.

So I thought I’d just post a few boxed pictures of my new Dynamite Boys Take it Easy Cruz and All American Auden.
I got them a while ago, but they are still my latest IT arrivals and probably will be in a while since I haven’t had much luck with lotteries (entered for all 3 IFDC Poppies and won nothing) or even ebay auctions lately, so I don’t even have anything else on the way right now. Not saying I’m out of things to blog about, but I guess it’s always more exciting to talk about the very last thing you got.

Anyways, I’m very happy with both of these guys. Their face paint colors are just right and their lips don’t look like they have lipstick on. The clothes are well executed and very stylish, so I don’t feel like redressing them anytime soon.

Auden’s face is pretty much perfect. He looks very similar to Beautiful Boy Auden, except he has caucasian skintone which I think looks more flattering on him. I do like debut Auden’s hair much better though. All American Auden’s hair has fallen a victim to the current shaved sides trend, so he has flocking on the sides. I never really liked the idea of flocking in the first place, and in this case it looks unnaturally lighter than his hair and has a texture of pubic hair, so yeah, I do wish he was rooted all over.

And Cruz, to be honest I got him ‘just in case’ I didn’t like him that much on promo pics.. but in person he totally won me over!

I do love the fact that he has long hair, but the execution turned out to be quite a fail.. I’m hoping to tame this nightmare with a boilperm, I’ve seen some successful makeovers on Flickr, we’ll see how mine goes.
As for the beard, I’m kinda tempted to ‘shave’ him, though I have to admit it is actually not horrible (coming from me it is a huge compliment because I don’t really like facial hair period and especially on dolls, since paint will never look like real hair anyways)
But aside from these things, they both are just awesome! :D

Quick Updates:

  • Third 2014 W Club Exclusive Doll Ombres Poétique Mademoiselle Jolie

    Item # 91352
    Ombres Poétique
    Mademoiselle Jolie Dressed Doll
    2014 W Club Exclusive Mini-Gift Set
    Limited Edition Size: TBA
    Special W Club Suggested Retail Price: $150.00
    Estimated Shipping Date: Approximately Late Fall/Early Winter 2014

    Doll Tech Specs:
    Scale: 12-inch / 1:6
    Head Sculpt: Isha 1.0
    Body Sculpt: FR 2013
    Skin Tone: FR White
    Hair: Silver Blond
    Quick Switch Feature: No
    Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-Applied

    The doll is inspired by a OOAK created by Jason Wu in 2006. You can see pictures of that doll here:








  • Shipping update from Integrity:
    Shipping to Dealers Starting Approximately the Week of September 2nd, 2014:
    Item # 86008 French Kissed Tulabelle Doll

    Fashion Royalty
    Item # 91344 City Prowl Eugenia Perrin
    Item # 91346 Faded Desert Kyori Sato

    Poppy Parker
    Item # PP066 Brother in Arms Sebastien Havoc Figure
    Item # PP067 Mayhem in Monte Carlo Poppy Parker Doll
    Item # PP068 Code Name: Arm Candy Chip Farnsworth Figure

    Shipping to Dealers Starting Approximately the Week of September 15th, 2014:
    Item # 91342 Natalia
    Item # 91348 Adele

    Shipping to Dealers Starting Approximately the Week of September 22nd, 2014:
    Item # 91343 Elise
    Item # 91347 Veronique

    IT Direct Shipping Approximately the Week of September 15th, 2014
    Item # 76017 La Grande Seduction Victoire Roux Club Doll
    Item # 91349 High Visibility Agnes Von Weiss Event Doll

    IT Direct Shipping Approximately in Early October, 2014
    FR White Bodies
    Japan Tone Bodies
    Item # PP070 Joyous Celebration Poppy Parker Doll

    Also club members were shown another generous teaser:
    teaser222 Hopefully she'll be revealed on Monday/Tuesday
  • The names of the dolls in the main convention collection are now available!

    Nocturnal Glow - Véronique Perrin
    Grandiose - Natalia Fatalé
    Nightshade - Kyori Sato
    Cold-Shoulder -Eugenia Perrin Frost
    Adorned - Vanessa Perrin
    Dark Moon - Poppy Parker
    La Ville Lumiere - Simonetta Bertorelli
  • The sneak peek doll was yet another Victoire. Whoopdeedoo.

    Item # 76014
    Sous Les Tropiques
    Victoire Roux™ Dressed Doll
    IT Direct Exclusive
    Limited Edition of 600 Dolls
    Estimated Ship Date: Directly after payments are received from lottery winners.
    Suggest Retail Price: US $80.00 + Shipping and Handling*
    *(+ applicable sales tax for Maryland residents only).

    Doll Tech Specs:

    Body Type: IT/Victoire
    Head Sculpt: Victoire Roux™
    Quick Switch Feature: No
    Skin Tone: FR White
    Hair Color: Sun Kissed Red
    Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied






  • hope i don't forget to try for those shoepacks today.. ×0
  • am i the only one who gets really annoyed when ebay sellers keep nagging you about leaving them feedback?

    i mean there are plenty legit reasons why i might want to wait with leaving feedback and it has nothing to do with me being dissatisfied with the purchase
    i might prefer to leave feedback for several things at once so i wouldn’t have to waste time logging onto a different account each time just so that i could leave that one feedback
    or i might not be a big expert on that item..and want to give it a test drive or do a little research to make sure everything is working correctly or i might not even have the item in hand, someone could've accepted it for me while i'm away
    or i might prefer to not leave any feedback at all. sometimes you end up buying something personal or very expensive and you don't want a permanent record attached to your profile revealing that you bought that item through the feedback system
    but no they have to keep spamming me with those copy and paste reminders of theirs. just that alone makes me want to leave them a neutral..wouldn't do that, but they sure aren't getting any stars ratings from me.
  • So to sum up the latest newsletter from Integrity,
    On August 14th the following dolls will be shipped to dealers:
    Item # 86009 Touch of Grace Tulabelle Doll
    Item # 86010 Player Slayer Tulabelle Doll
    Item # 86011 Front Row Tulabelle Doll

    First Week of September 2014:
    Item # 86008 French Kissed Tulabelle Doll

    First Week of September 2014:
    Fashion Royalty
    Item # 91344 City Prowl Eugenia Perrin
    Item # 91346 Faded Desert Kyori Sato

    Poppy Parker
    Item # PP066 Brother in Arms Sebastien Havoc Figure
    Item # PP068 Code Name: Arm Candy Chip Farnsworth Figure

    Mid-September 2014
    Item # 76017 La Grande Seduction Victoire Roux Club Doll
    Item # 91349 High Visibility Agnes Von Weiss Event Doll
    FR White Bodies
    Japan Tone Bodies

    And they showed us a teaser..
    it could be anything.. including jem or another movie collab thing, so i'm not getting excited over it until i see what it is.

    The FR and Poppy shoepacks will go on sale on August 13th, first come first served. Each pack is LE500 ($30.00), so during the first 24h they will be offered to members of wclub, 1 pack per membership. If they don't sell out after a day, they will make them available to general public

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