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NuFace vs Fr2 NuFace vs FR2

Here is the comparison of the old and new nuface bodies alongside the fr2 body (the one I used in the pictures is the first generation FR2 body, which has different knees from the current FR body that was introduced last year.)


NuFace vs FR2

I’m glad the nuface body looks rather different from fr2 body, the difference in cup size is still pretty noticeable. The new nuface body has different torso details, but it feels just like the fr2 body in terms of articulation. Arms and legs are identical on both bodies, so the foot size is the same and they can share shoes.

As already mentioned, the biggest difference is the boob size. It’s a little bigger than the old nuface body, but alot smaller than fr2 and the shape is a little squished, I’m not sure if I love it. The cleavage area reminded me of Tulabelle/Teen Poppy, I really wouldn’t mind if that one part was inherited from the fr2 body instead.
The new nuface has wider hips, but somewhat flatter butt.
And also it has a different belly button and stomach area.

From the back it looks more or less the same

The new nuface body also comes with ‘explosive’ feature and it can be taken apart at most joints: upper torso, arms, forearms, legs and knees. I did try pulling apart most of the joints, but I decided against posting pictures ,as i thought they might be too ‘gory’:p
This new ‘system’ has its pros and cons. If you play with your doll alot, like changing poses or redressing etc, sooner or later some of the joints might start coming out of the sockets and you’ll have to keep popping them back in.
Also there’s always a risk that the doll might get ‘loose’ and come apart while it’s traveling, which could lead to some damage, so that’s one more thing to be worried about.
But the upside of it is that if one part discolors or needs a replacement, you can just get a replacement for that one part instead of the whole body.

Which body do you prefer?

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Sensuous Affair Giselle was a table centerpiece doll at Gloss Convention and she’s limited to 400 pieces.

I don’t know what’s up with all the horny doll names this year, but anyways, this girl is amazing! I love her natural palette and her well matched light brown (and not notoriously orange) eyebrows.
And comparing to some of the others from the convention collection, she’s really well dressed too.

I’m really glad I got one with nice and even lashes without any glue showing. One thing that concerns me though, is that her head sits really loose on the neck.. I think this is getting more and more common among the newer dolls. What solves it for me, at least temporarily, is turning the head 360 degees, though later on it goes back to being loose again..

Her hair is a blend of platinum and natural shade of blond. It is actually longer than what it appears to be. I think if straightened, it would almost be waist length.
I wish they made a red headed helper version of this Giselle instead of Vanessa, though I’m totally loving her as a blonde as well.

The jacket is probably the nicest part of the outfit. It fits well, and she almost can put her arms down while wearing it..
The blouse sans the bow reminds me of one from Scene Stealer Isha, except the fabric is a bit more stiff in Giselle’s version.
The high waisted shorts also fit really nicely, though they’re so tight, she can’t sit down in them.

The bra is questionable though.

Her jewelry set consists of gold disk shaped earrings and a ring:

and the boots come with zippers in the back, the laceup is ‘non functional’ anyways..

As for the body, I’ll do a separate post with comparison pics. I’m excited to have a new body type because I just like diversity, but I guess I still prefer the original nuface body with more natural looking and non square limbs.. and better articulation.

On The Rise Elise was the doll from Safari collection I’ve been looking forward to the most and I’m so happy she did not disappoint. I just love everything about her! (Must be the reason why I took way too many pix of her)

I’m glad she has her own unique look and doesn’t really resemble any other Elise released to date.

Her info said that her skintone was japan and yet it’s completely different from High Visibility Agnes’s skintone (which also was stated as ‘japan’). It’s much paler and porcelain looking, while Agnes’s skintone is more grey toned. I’m glad they didn’t use the grey version on Elise.

The lashes on my doll are unusually short, but at least those are the matte lashes that fr’s typically come with (I cannot stand those cheap looking glossy lashes used on CP Eugenia and HV Agnes)
Another thing I found disappointing about all of the dolls I got recently is the ultraglossy paint used on the elements which are not supposed to be glossy, like the eyeliner, which looks extremely glossy and reflective.

I wasn’t a big fan of her yellow dress at first, but in person the color looks really beautiful on her. If I wasn’t so broke after the convention, I wouldn’t even mind keeping it.

Cute golden tube clutch, doesn’t really open, but very well made

I liked how the shoes looked from the side in packaging, but as for the front part, hm..not sure..

Not keeping the outfit, so didn’t bother with the jewelry..

My On The Rise Elise has arrived and I’m very relieved because this one won’t be going back to patient care.
Comapring to Agnes and Eugenia which arrived earlier, she’s very lovely and doesn’t have any mold, bad smells, facial paint or messed up eyelashes issues, so I’m happy.
Here are just a few pix while she was still in the box:

Her eyes seem to be looking in different directions (left one is looking up the other one just to the side), but I have a feeling that’s just the way the screening was done on all/most of them

Dress fabric closeup:


I still need to wash her hair as it’s very stiff from the product and put some paint over the eyelash glue, so more detailed out of box pictures will be coming later:)

edit: out of the box pictures of Elise here

Elusive Creature Natalia also arrived a couple days ago.
(With only 2 weeks between the 3 shipments, why couldn’t they all just arrive at once? Would save me so much on shipping, as the dealer was unresponsive about withholding the shipments to consolidate them into one package..)

She is fine quality-wise, but I am not keeping her.. She just looks different from promo pics. She seemed much softer and youthful for some reason and I thought her hair would be more platinum, instead it’s darker, almost dirty blond yellow.

Her makeup reminds me of Hot Property alot:

If her face was like that I wouldn’t hesitate to keep her. In comparison to HP Natalia, you can tell how dramatically the quality and deatil of facial paint slipped over the years.
So right now I’m really wondering why my money went on this Natalia instead of much better executed version from 2008..

I also don’t like the ultrawhite paint that was used on the eyes, it looks very unnatural

Her vest is made of the same bulky fabric which was used for Agnes’ skirt and corset..

Obviously, the best part of her outfit would be her huge straw hat which you can’t really see in box

The accessories:

same old, same old bangles, and new sunglasses which I totally don’t get. The lenses are just made of bland brown plastic. It looks so strange. Miss those days when the glasses lenses were actually transparent

The boots:

Dealer posted the doll in just shipper, and the box has arrived with a slight dent, which never happened to me before.

But I’ve seen much, much worse on Flickr.
On that photo, the box got so smashed, the doll got damanged as well.. I don’t think it’s the dealers fault though. The new boxes are just not as sturdy to withstand the longer journeys well. And the cardboard does feel more squishy, so not happy about having one more thing to worry about.

Quick Updates:

  • todays email from integrity said to stay tuned for a few reveals in december:

    - Holiday Poppy which will be available through lottery
    - New movie(?) license announcement
    - Final wclub doll
    - two new dolls announcement which will be available through dealers
    - sneak peek of winter 2015 products

    they hinted something will be coming on friday 28th, so a Poppy Lottery info probably?
  • And as predicted, the club doll was a Jem line doll.. except the surprising part was that it was a 'he'.
    It is a character named Techrat. He comes with a quickswitch system and two heads, one is true to the character and the second one is a more conservative fully rooted version for non jem fans.
    I looked up the pictures of the cartoon version of him and his head is definitely not shaved in the middle, but more offcenter. So it's weird why IT decided to give him a mohawk instead of a skrillex cut. Well either way I'm happy and relieved I don't need him in my life and will be anxiously waiting for the final FR/Nuface club doll of the year.
  • well the update is very last week, but here it is anyways:p
    + Next years convention will be happening during October 22-24, 2015 in Long Beach, CA
    + 2015 Wclub registration dates have been moved. Usually we'd get registration info a few days before Christmas, but this time, the registration will open sometime early 2015. They also noted that this is a permanent change.
    + Cute commercial featuring Hollywood Jem:
    + Convention leftovers available through right to buy lotteries:
    Item # 15059 - Jolt! ITBE Dressed Doll
    Item # 15060 - Zing! ITBE Dressed Doll
    Item # 15061 - Oomph! ITBE Dressed Doll
    Item # 76019 - Dial "V" for Victoire - Victoire Roux Doll
    Item # 76020 - La Ville Lumiere (The City of Lights) Simonetta Bertorelli™ Dressed Doll
    Item # 78013 - Afterhours Hanne Erikson 16" Dressed Doll
    Item # 82057 - Tantalizing Dominique Makeda™ Workshop Doll
    Item # 82058 - Evening Siren Ayumi N.™ Dressed Doll
    Item # 91355 - Nocturnal Glow Veronique Perrin Dressed Doll
    Item # 91356 - Grandiose Natalia Fatale Dressed Doll
    Item # 91357 - Night shade Kyori Sato Dressed Doll
    Item # 85067 - Time Served Official Workshop Fashion Figure

    + Holiday Poppy sneak peek:
    "This lovely beauty will be unveiled and shipped just in time for the upcoming holiday season" - so this pretty much means the dolls have been manufactured and will be sold either through a lottery, or on 1st come 1st serve basis, or possibly through dealers..

    + Also not as generous sneak of upcoming club doll
    snp23 Judging by the color palette it is most probably a Jem line doll
  • ahhh look who arrived this morning!:DDD
  • Updated the convention page with the remaining promo pix of the convention collection ×0
  • Quicksilver Kyori
    Polynesia Poppy
    Pencil Me In Eugenia
    Truly Madly Deeply Agnes
    Joyous Celebration Poppy

    and many more are looking for a new home!
  • agnes
    another email with promo pics came yesterday, so I updated the convention page.
    Style lab and main collection pics will follow later..

    The email also said that the lotteries for the convention leftovers should take place sometime in November

    It's a shame there is no detailed information about skintones and haircolors in those emails.. after closer inspection, it seems like Agnes's hair is original brunette and not raven like everybody thought:(

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