Whenever Integrity comes up with an ultralimited exclusive featuring a popular sculpt, there’s bound to be alot of drama.. Montaigne Market Boutique exclusive Elise limited to 300 pieces wasn’t an exception.

European collectors often do feel ‘neglected’ by the company since all their marketing is very US-centric. We don’t get any conventions or events, there are barely any EU-based dealers, so alot of times we have no other choice but to buy dolls in the US and pay the ever-increasing shipping fees and import customs on top of those.
But whenever we finally get a special exclusive, it just turns into a mess.

At first in the reveal email which didn’t state exact time the doll would go on sale, we got a notice to stay tuned for more information, which never really came, so we had to rely on bits and pieces of sometimes conflicting information provided by other wclub members who got in touch with the store staff. First they said we were supposed to place our orders via telephone, then it was email then she was supposed to go live on the website on friday morning which later changed to saturday. But then the doll went up for sale on friday afterall….

I was lucky to not be asleep that day and I was just checking the store just in case, so basically was in the right place at the right time and actually managed to grab Elise before she was gone. Then she sold out in like 6 minutes but then she came back in stock and sold out several more times.. which could serve as a reminder to never give up on what you want even when it says it’s supposedly gone..

Some collectors in France managed to buy dolls in the boutique and quickly put them up on ebay.. the first two ones sold for shocking $1009 and $1111, something that never really happened before to a newly released doll with this edition size.

It was really nice of IT to set aside 50 dolls for the lottery in Wclub, but according to my vague calculations, no more than 1316 club members entered the lottery so the chances of winning one were approx 20-26 to one..

The shipping cost of 40 Euros was also outrageous even by European standards.. most of the time when shopping in European stores you get to pay around 10-20 Eur, and if you spend enough money some will offer the shipping for free, so it’s the first time I had to pay so much to ship something so small and rather light (Elise comes in a smaller sized lighter box, same as last year’s convention Elise came in)
Sure, they used some overnight express service, but since she was shipped on the third day after the purchase I personally didn’t really get to fully experience the express part anyways.

My doll unfortunately wasn’t the best version of herself due to several issues with her faceup, so I decided to return her to IT..so right now she’s on the way there, but I’ve decided to take some pix before mailing her out, so it would be easier for me to wait till she returns.

But anyways, both doll and fashion are just gorgeous!
It felt like I got to experience just a bit of the old school FR, almost every piece in the set is just amazing.

Elise has gold glittery eyeshadow, which to my knowledge never really been used on Fashion Royalty dolls before. I was afraid it would look tacky, but I think she managed to pull it off.

Her skintone is officially ‘japan’, as stated in doll specs, though it looks a bit darker than typical japan tone. I compared her to Midnight Star Elise and MM has somewhat more greyish body and face..it’s sometimes less or more noticeable depending on the lighting, but I think it would have been nicer if she was paler.

Her fashion is based on 2014 Spring/Summer Jason Wu runway look, or more like 2 looks.

I am glad that unlike the model, Elise doesn’t come with short hair.

Her outfit consists of stylish safari jacket with oversized pockets, I think I even like the doll version better than the original.

It’s a bit of a bitch to put on and off though with the way the belt works

As for the dress, I totally loved it until I took the jacket off, the top part does not drape very well, the bulky sequins are probably to blame.. the human version is much more elegant, I also like the semitransparent bottom of the runway dress, too bad they didn’t try to replicate that part in 1/6 scale.

I love the extremely detailed purse with tiny stitching:

And the paper shopping bags with Montaigne Market logo were a very clever touch..
I think for the price of 150 Euros though, they could as well come filled with stuff.. or at least an extra pair of shoes or sth:p

The shoes don’t align very well with the arch of fr2 foot, otherwise they’re lovely and well made.

And she comes with simple gold stud earrings, and a gold hair clip, just too bad it is already tarnished and mine features a prominent fingerprint of whoever handled this doll before me…

And finally, animated gif video made with phone cam:)

Shimmering Copper ‘Isha/Luchia’ is a part of ‘refreshed’ ITBE series and was offered through a lottery along with Gold Glam ‘Adele’ and Light Strike ‘Natalia’. A portion of the dolls was also set aside for the public lottery, how many exactly is unknown, but I’m under impression that most of the dolls went to Wclub members (SO happy to be one of the lucky ones this time lol)

I’ve always loved the old Luchia, so I was really bummed when she got ‘cancelled’. That’s why I’m really excited to see her back, especially in such a gorgeous incarnation.

The ITBE dolls don’t have official character names, since they are supposed to be some sort of an experiment, so she can as well be Isha. It’s just Isha is supposed to be an Indian character, so she usually comes with a tan while Luchia typically came pale, that’s why I personally see more Luchia in Shimmering Copper rather than Isha..

But anyways, I absolutely love this girl! Even though she’s a part of a budget line, I don’t feel like the quality of the head was compromised in any way. She has a decent amount of hair, neatly done centerpart, the head is made out of beautiful non waxy/translucent vinyl, it matches the body perfectly and the facepaint is amazing too. Like, sometimes you end up wishing that the doll would have just slightly different shade of eyeshadow or lip color here and there, but not this time. Colors they used on Luchia are just perfection, very delicate palette with both matte and shimmery colors.

One thing I wish she had is at least some lashes. Her eyes are on the small side, so I guess lashes could balance out her features a bit, but she’s still gorgeous nonetheless.

The body itself is where the difference between the lines becomes more apparent, as it doesn’t feel as ‘refined’ as typical FR body, but it would probably be pretty hard to find her a donor since this is a rare color, so I’m not sure if I want to try. Her skintone is extremely pale. It’s not the same tone that early Tatyana, Festive Decadence Agnes or Monogram Bemused had, it’s more like an improved version of it. I haven’t compared them, but it’s probably very close to 2nd gen brides of Dracula dolls.

Her dress is pretty modest, the cut is very similar if not identical to Ready To Dare Natalia dress, except it comes with a belt that has a bow on it. It’s definitely not the best dress in the universe, but I’m sure for the bargain price of $75, even if she came nude, nobody would really complain much.

And she also comes with shoes and stand, no jewelry, certificates or other ‘fancy’ stuff.

Since I usually feature just dolls, I thought once in a while it would be fun to focus on strictly fashions.. or fashion pieces.
And no, this blog is probably not getting a weekly column, doubt I’d be able to keep up, just if I happen to do a post on fashion, I’ll just schedule it to be published on the nearest Tuesday:p

So, today I’ll be showing off a Sybarite Fashion called Will, it was a part of a mini collection of 3 outfits: Will, Love and Testament. So here is my Avalon modeling Will:

Apart from the fact that it’s not suitable for long term displaying because of the risk of staining, this fashion is just amazing with lots of sometimes quirky touches.

The vest is decorated with miniature safety pins and a lock of black nylon hair

And it comes with a flip cellphone which even has numbers printed on its buttons

Just like Love and Testament, Will comes with a big elaborate hat

Gorgeous curved heel wedges.. that I couldn’t put on properly without unlacing them..but I was just too lazy to do that:p

The sweater is also excellent, both in quality and detail:

And a closeup of Avalon, just cause:)

From what I can remember, October Issue Agnes wasn’t too well received during the first day of convention. I didn’t like her that much either. She seemed bleak, tiny-eyed and washed out.. But her unpopularity didn’t last too long and once everyone saw more flattering photos of her than the ones taken with a flash in a dimly lit room, this doll quickly earned her grail status.
There have been some nice deals on this Agnes, but I’ve slept through all of them, so I kept waiting till the price would go down a bit.. but that just wasn’t happening.. Finally I got an idea to maybe try to obtain Agnes through a trade, and to my surprise it actually worked out, so I’m really lucky to have her without putting even bigger strain on my current budget:)

October Issue looks a bit like Drama Behind the Drama Agnes that I’ve never had an opportunity to get my hands on. I think I prefer October Issue, I just really love her well coordinated fall coloring. I still think there is something odd about her makeup screening though, I kinda hate when eyeshadow ‘layers’ overlap and the little ‘gap’ in the upper inner eye corner looks distracting.. but more ‘from a distance’ she does look gorgeous..

Unlike Drama Behind the Drama, October Issue’s outfit is rather underwhelming… I wanted to like it, but I think Agnes deserves better..
It consists of high-waisted pencil skirt with a slit on the side and a loose fitting jacket made out of the same fabric.

Her blouse looks poorly made with frayed threads sticking out here and there.. Even my Monster High doll’s chiffon is better finished than this..

I just really love her stockings lol and shoes, but the ‘problem’ is that they won’t fit over her hose, so she can’t wear them together.

And the jewelry set is rather modest, simple stud earrings and squared crystal ring:

Elissabat is a new Monster High character. She is a 1601 year old vampire / actress.
At a first glance she looks alot like Draculaura, they have similar pinkish skintone and their faces seem alike, but actually she does have a sculpt which is unique to her. Elissabat has smaller lips and better defined eyelids.
Tbh I like Elissa much better than Draculaura, there is just something SO cute about her:)

It’s weird that she has ‘bat’ as a part of her name, yet there is nothing ‘batty’ about her look.
She just has a pair of fangs and pointy ears like Draculaura and that’s where it ends.

Her hair is a mess. I washed it, but it’s still really greasy.. Her head seemed hard when I tried to squeeze it, so my first thought was that mattel started using harder vinyl on monster high dolls, but later I found a dot of epoxy glue in her hair and realized what actually caused the ‘hardness’.. they put glue inside her scalp to set the hair.. just awful. So her face is still soft.. and I noticed the head vinyl is slightly more translucent than usual.. (you can see it gets darker around the hairline) and I’d say the facepaint is unusually glossy too.  (my doll is made in Indonesia)

Her outfit is a bit of a gothic cliche, guess designers could’ve been a bit more creative there.. but at least the dress is neatly made and the fabrics are nice

Dawn of the Dance Draculaura vs Elissabat comparison:

Similar facial outline, yet different lips and eyes

She also comes with a movie award, diary and dvd:

Quick Updates:

  • Nope, it's not somebody's Etsy project, it's actual designer heels you can just buy in store.
    Jeffrey Campbell "Killa"
    "a clear platform with doll's head detailing and a high wedge heel. "
    source: here
    I'm always creeped out when 'artists' create works involving doll parts, even when it's just cheap barbie dolls. Call me emo or w/e I just can't help but think about all the cruelty which went into making such pieces and all the dolls which had to be disposed. But to each it's own right..
  • Today I was looking for some rl pictures of Etiquette, but instead I found this very awesome artwork based on one of my pictures of Domina:
    By Slavenart on Deviantart
    Gorgeous! although a credit of some sort would've been nice... Here is the pic it was based on:
  • wow this must be the record... today i got an ebay order shipped from asia that was placed on 14th of January... and only 2.5 months later my nailart brushes are here! well i ordered these because they're so tiny and they're kinda perfect for dolly touchups, but who knows i might even try that nailart thing lol and i got them all for under $3!

    so still not all that bad.. so if you're still waiting for that one belated package.. don't ever lose hope:p
  • AngelicDreamz is closing down?? no way:( thats one dealer I thought would never go out of business.. but their sister site CoutureDolls is still up so it prob won't change much for IT collectors.. ×0
  • I knew I wouldn't win Vanessa, but congratz to all those who did! ×0

  • Sybarite Etiquette, a Paris Convention doll?.. was posted on Superdoll facebook today..
    ..oh she's already on ebay.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/SYBARITE-SUPERDOL...
  • ITBE Wave 2
    So 2014 Wave 2 of ITBE is almost here and will be ready to ship after March 27th.. like the last time, they are available through the lottery(Wclub only, no public lottery this time) and limited to 300 each.. This time they came up with AA Vanessa (v1), tan Kyori(v1) and Janay (Color Infusion Character) and ash platinum blond Caucasian Monogram. My favorite is probably Vanessa, although I still have a hard time visualizing her with dark skintone, I'm glad to see the old Kyori back, but her skintone is just too orangey for me, so definitely pass.. have to admit the monogram looks tempting, but maybe it's because the two that came before her were rather underwhelming.. why didnt they make Kyori with that coloring instead???

    1. Second Skin Vanessa

    Item # 15023
    Second Skin
    Basic Edition Dressed Doll
    IT Direct Exclusive
    Limited Edition of 300 Dolls
    Suggested Retail Price: $75.00 USD
    Estimated Ship Date: Once "right to buy" lottery ends (in-stock March 2014)

    Doll Tech Specs:
    Body Type: Old FR Body with Larger Bust
    Head Sculpt: Vanessa 1.0
    Quick Switch Feature: No
    Skin Tone: A-Tone
    Hair Color: Deep Brunette
    Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-Applied
    Package Dimensions: 13.5" X 4" X 2.25"

    2. Morning Dove Kyori

    Item # 15025
    Morning Dove
    Basic Edition Dressed Doll
    IT Direct Exclusive
    Limited Edition of 300 Dolls
    Suggested Retail Price: $75.00 USD
    Estimated Ship Date: Once "right to buy" lottery ends (in-stock March 2014)

    Doll Tech Specs:
    Body Type: Old FR Body with Larger Bust
    Head Sculpt: Kyori 1.0
    Quick Switch Feature: No
    Skin Tone: FR Black
    Hair Color: Raven
    Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-Applied
    Package Dimensions: 13.5" X 4" X 2.25"

    3. Red Strike Janay

    Item # 15026
    Red Strike
    Basic Edition Dressed Doll
    IT Direct Exclusive
    Limited Edition of 300 Dolls
    Suggested Retail Price: $75.00 USD
    Estimated Ship Date: Once "right to buy" lottery ends (in-stock March 2014)

    Doll Tech Specs:
    Body Type: FR Monogram
    Head Sculpt: Janay
    Quick Switch Feature: No
    Skin Tone: Miami
    Hair Color: Shimmering Blond
    Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-Applied
    Package Dimensions: 13.5" X 4" X 2.25"

    4. Night Strike Monogram

    Item # 15027
    Night Strike
    Basic Edition Dressed Doll
    IT Direct Exclusive
    Limited Edition of 300 Dolls
    Suggested Retail Price: $75.00 USD
    Estimated Ship Date: Once "right to buy" lottery ends (in-stock March 2014)

    Doll Tech Specs:
    Body Type: FR Monogram
    Head Sculpt: FR Monogram
    Quick Switch Feature: No
    Skin Tone: FR White
    Hair Color: Silver
    Eyelashes: Yes
    Package Dimensions: 13.5" X 4" X 2.25"

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